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  1. c.pryor2223

    Reign of Kings Server! Have the game? Come play!

    I like the fact that it has Chivalry-esque combat
  2. Hey guys. I just started my own Reign of Kings server. I haven't decided what type of server I want it to be yet, PVP/RP/Creative ect. Once people join we can figure out what direction we want to go. I might add some admins too or give you some starter kits to get things rolling. Anyways, Come check it out: Server name: FRESH-FRIENDLY-24/7-FUN location: CENTRAL US
  3. c.pryor2223

    Is my GPU Dying?

    So I've had my 7870 HAWK for almost 2 years now (got it Oct 2012). It has pretty much become the hallmark of my rig ever since and I love it. I ran it overclocked for awhile, did some Bitcoin mining, did some Litecoin mining, and some heavy gaming with it. But as of late, I turn on my mining software and it crashes, i log into WoW and it crashes (the least demanding of my games). The only thing i can do without it crashing is browse the interwebz like a PLEB!@!!1 And when I say crash it's not bluescreening. The entire screen gets artifacted and my rig just freezes. The only thing i can do is a Hard shut down (shh shh go to sleep its okay). Ive pretty much unloaded my arsenal of registry cleanups, driver updates (& rollbacks), reseating the card into another PCI-e, and im about to strip the heatsink and put it in the oven (does this even work?). Any suggestions? I'm a broke college student so getting this to work would really save my ass.
  4. c.pryor2223

    Screen goes blank after reaching desktop

    I still think your OS is the problem Try using the Vista drivers, (LOL)
  5. c.pryor2223

    Screen goes blank after reaching desktop

    You said it was an upgrade from a vista install? If i were you, I'd run a clean install of Win7 to eliminate that as the problem. I'm willing to bet the driver version you're trying to install is not compatible with the Vista/Win7/Win8 upgraded OS you are using Just my $0.02
  6. To be completely honest, depending on how sensitive your skin/ears are. Any headphones will cause discomfort until you condition yourself to wear them over time. There's not an answer to which headphones won't hurt/be uncomfortable because every person is different.
  7. c.pryor2223

    Best random song you have heard?

    Aphex is the most random badass shiz i ever did hear! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBS4Gi1y_nc Love this whole vid, the beginning is funny.
  8. c.pryor2223

    PS4 is 50% faster than the Xbox One

    Console war is generally a slander-fest i would take any info/article with a grain of salt
  9. c.pryor2223

    what mousepad do i get

  10. c.pryor2223

    what mousepad do i get

    Razer Kabuto simple, thin, and it's only like 15$ its a cloth type pad hard pads suck!!!!
  11. c.pryor2223

    Should i use EQ

    If you want to hear the bass tones more, turn up the low frequencies. If you want to hear the mid tones more, turn up the mid frequencies. If you want to hear the high tones more, turn up the high frequencies. If you want a realistic sound, obviously adding any kind of effects via software will only distort the "real" sound the "real" sound being the sound with ZERO software alterations "real" sounds can be bland, hollow, and boring, so equalization is added to provide depth and range to sounds that are "simple"
  12. c.pryor2223

    Microsoft advert against apple iphone

    This doesn't look like a microsoft ad at all, just a poorly executed joke in pretty bad taste.
  13. c.pryor2223

    Post best/funniest scam that you have ever seen!

    i kinda see the penis but wheres the pope?
  14. c.pryor2223

    Post best/funniest scam that you have ever seen!

  15. Hey guys, one of my friends introduced me to phonebloks, a phone that uses interchangeable parts not very different from a PC. If something breaks, you can replace the part (block) instead of replacing the whole device. http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/phoneblok-a-tonic-for-the-iphones-planned-obsolescence here the article i checked out. Personally, I think the idea is cool. It could introduce some competition via individual components which could benefit the consumer. On the other hand, I feel like there are too many iphone zombies to ever embrace an idea like this. I'm more curious about what you guys think!