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  1. Download the nVidia G-sync pendulum demo, it has options you can change in real time to see the difference. It's most noticeable on the test pattern.
  2. Acer XF270H 1080p144hz, DisplayPort 1.2, GTX 1070, Windows 10. Works just fine for me. Confirmed no tearing in Borderlands 2, no display blanking, no blur, no noticeable ghosting. Edit: Checked using G-Sync Pendulum demo, still no issues. Edit 2: Screen Blanks out momentarily when opening spotify desktop app.
  3. Hmm, I wasn't aware of that. My monitor always just worked out the box. It's an Acer XF270H, I've ran it with an R9 290x and an Rx 550 and both worked flawlessly. I just upgraded a couple of months ago to a 1070 and I'm really missing free-sync. I don't know if they've tested any older free-sync monitors, or just ones that are currently in production.
  4. I just watched a video, I think from ExtremeTech, where they showed off what using this on a non verified monitor looked like. The worst offender was the display blinking off kind of randomly for a split second. Something caught me by surprise, he said it would do it even if you used an AMD card, and that's where I started to doubt this whole thing, free-sync monitors should all just work fine with AMD cards. I think that nVidia is trying to force a certain window of compatible FPS that some free-sync monitors can't handle. If that's the case my monitor should work fine as it goes from 48-144hz. We'll see in a week I guess.
  5. I mean, I gave you all of the information you needed to do it yourself. Say you have a synthetic benchmark and zen performed about 15% worse than skylake in a single threaded workload. Your scores would look like this: Zen - 85, Skylake - 100. But when you consider multi-threaded workloads, a 6-core zen cpu will have 12 threads, where a 4-core skylake i7(~$330) will have only 8. Thus your scores become: Zen - 1020, Skylake - 800. This is a direct IPC calculation though, and doesn't consider that hyper-threads don't scale perfectly, clock-speeds, system bottlenecks, silicon lottery, or even hard evidence that zen performs that well. With the information we have now, this is the best estimate.
  6. Nope, by my math a 6 core zen will handily outperform a similar 4 core Intel CPU. Simply because the IPC is only expected to be about 10-15% below Skylake, and it has 2 more physical cores and 4 more threads. So yeah, a 6 core zen cpu would be worth about $350-$400.
  7. No argument, it just supports that wireless headphones are a dumb idea especially earbuds.
  8. Well, the only thing I can say is that they better put two USB-C ports on the device, because I like to charge my phone while I'm using the headphone jack, like in my car or when I'm just laying in bed. I do not want wireless headphones for the simple reason is that it's another thing I have to charge, and I forget to do things a lot. I have trouble remembering to grab my headphones, much less charge them. Now if we can push battery technology the point where I'd only have to charge them once a year, then maybe.
  9. I mean currently there's no better way to do it, human nature pretty much assures that it's the only sustainable economic model. Even communist countries like China move more and more toward a free market because the alternative is that everyone is dirt poor and there's no incentive to work harder, or do harder jobs since everyone gets the same thing anyway. It has to be regulated though, we aren't tough enough on corporations as it is, we allow them to trample consumers under their feet. The problem isn't that competition doesn't exist, it's that it selectively exists only in some areas. Where I live the only option for an ISP is AT&T on DSL at 6Mbps (just got upgraded on their side from 3Mbps last week). I live three miles from the County seat and courthouse on a state highway. Within city limits there are Comcast and AT&T, both of which offer speeds over 100Mbps. So a US highway runs 8 miles between my city and the closest one to it, all up and in the areas around it, Comcast has 25Mbps, and the population density out there is far less than where I live, and this is all because Comcast and AT&T have decided to divide up the market that way so there are places they don't compete so they can deliver whatever they want and you have to pay for it. It's ridiculous.
  10. nope, uses a 2.5 inch drive.and the blu-ray drive is bigger but there is a ton of empty space in there.
  11. I'd rather just send Linus $20 a year to release his videos on Youtube at the same time, Vessel is pretty bad on slow connections and devours data.
  12. They had Dead or Alive 5 pretty much banned from retail in the US. We really need to start knocking some heads and end this PC bullshit.
  13. My guess is that even though it's a full A9 chip, it's clocked way lower than the one in the 6S, the A9 is a fairly efficient chip to begin with, that being said, anything less than 2000 on even a budget phone these days is pathetic.
  14. via malware installed onto the pedos computers through the site.