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    8700k @ 5GHZ (1.29v)
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    Asus Maximus Hero X
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    16GB (2x8) Gskill TridentZ RGB 3200MHZ
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Glass
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    Samsung 850 EVO 500GB M.2, TB WD BLUE
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    Corsair HX750i
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    Acer Predator XB241YU
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    NZXT Kraken X62
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    Steelseries Apex M800
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    Steelseries Rival 700
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    Windows 10
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  1. These bloody screws for this shitty CPU cooler "Silent loop 360" won't go in. The backplate is poor plastic quality and falls out, so I have to hold all 4 pins in with one hand, and screw with the other. Only one screw goes in, the rest juts refuse to screw in. Wtf is the problem? Anyone have experience with this?
  2. Thermal paste on 8700k

    https://www.arctic.ac/uk_en/mx-4.html No it's not
  3. Hey guys, cleaning off my 8700k and I touched the pins with my thumb that had thermal paste on it. It's arctic MX-4 paste. I got 90% of it off but if you look at it in the light, there's still a gray tint. It's non-electrically conductive but won't it block connection to the motherboard? Or is it okay?
  4. CPU Voltage

    ridiculous voltage, what board are you using? look through the bios and disable any auto overclocks like asus multicore enhancement
  5. Need some help on choosing 1080ti's

    As always they're all pretty much the same. But quality-wise? EVGA's FTW3 is fantastic quality. On top of that, EVGA's customer service far exceeds any other brand.
  6. 6800k into a 7700k is basically no improvement if you want improvement, try a 8700k or ryzen 7.
  7. New graphics card, made my computer worse?

    The guy who told you it's because your CPU is too slow is straight up wrong. If the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU, you just won't see an improvement in FPS - frame drops aren't a result of CPU bottlenecks. That said, your CPU is going to bottleneck basically every mid-high range GPU. I advise a clean install of windows, it solves everything.
  8. AIO recommendations

    Corsair h100iV2, h115ii, EVGA CLC280 or silent loop 240. All solid quality, all will cover damages from leaks (very unlikely). Low failure rates on all of them, all have great customer service. They'll all perform pretty much the same too. I'm using a 8700k with a heavy overclock and my clc280 runs it at 23c idle, it's fantastic. DO NOT get anything from NZXT. Garbage quality, double the failure rate or more over the other coolers. Installation is easy. The fans, for a start, usually come with some kind of splitter, for example on the CLC, the waterblock as a 3-pin that goes into the motherboard, and it also has a splitter that lets you connect two fans - you can therefore connect two fans and the pump with one header. Just make sure you put them facing the right direction, I advise having your radiator mounted to the top of your case pushing air out. To actually install it, you use the bracket and slot it into the 4 holes, which you then thread screws through. Pump sits ontop of these screws, and you use huge bolts to tighten it down. Easy.
  9. Cross Platform Lighting

    I don't own these products but I do have an RGB synced rig, and here's all you need to know: If two products aren't officially specified to work with eacother, and you can't get clarification from the manufacturer that they do work together, do not attempt to plug them in. Doing so could fry either one of them, or the ports. Check you plug things in the right way, there's two ways to plug them in, marked on the cables. Check voltage rating on both the connector. Most fans/strips are rated at 12v, so make sure it's a 12v supported controller / port. If all of those three things are a yes, by all means you can try it. If they arne't rated to work together, don't. I don't think EKWB supports corsair link, but double check this as I've never owned an EK product. If it doesn't support corsair link, do not try to plug them in without contacting corsair AND EK. You'll likely kill the hub and the res, which could take everything plugged in with it.
  10. motherboard asus z379-e

    I own the Maximus X Hero Wifi/Ac, which is essentially this board just a bit different. The adapter you see in the picture doesn't need to be plugged in to get wifi - it just gives better signal, and allows you to point it at a specific direction rather than the wall your PC will face. It works without the adapter you see there, but it will likely have better signal with the adapter. For clarity, the adapter is included in the box. I believe these motherboards also have Bluetooth, but double check that.
  11. Is this normal?????

    I'm calling a bug with the temperatures. When my pumps failed on my AIO, the CPU shut down before it even hit 100 degrees. At 120, your CPU would start to die, if for some reason it didn't shut down. You'd notice it.
  12. New build, screen ain't responding

    Very little information to work off here, just try the basics. Reseat RAM Reseat GPU (more than once) Take the GPU out and try use it then Use one stick of RAM at a time, in each slot. Also use any debug LEDs or debug speakers that came with the board.
  13. Nzxt Kraken 62X cables

    The 3 pin CPU is for the pump. The power cable powers the pump. It won't power without it. The "weird cable with pins" is for fans - you connect fans to them to power them. The cables on the X62 were poorly thought out, they should have just made the pump power through a 3pin or 4pin like everyone else. Have fun with this cooler though, three of mine died in a week.
  14. I've had a crazy amount of dead parts in the last 2 weeks. Let me start by saying I've built many pcs, three of my own, various pcs for my friends etc. No problems. My build has had.. interesting changes. Here's a timeline. My first build was fine (specs in signature). However, after booting it, the CPU wasn't being cooled. At all. The pump (Kraken X62) rattled loudly and was DOA, the retailers confirmed it was dead. I ordered another X62, same thing happened. Another survived a few days before dying as well - Windows randomley shut down and I got a 400RPM pump in the bios. Wtf. So I gave up and used a EVGA CLC 280 - perfect! Temps were fantastic, way better than the Kraken even when it was working. No noise. But then... the rattling started. I had to then switch cases, because the constant rebuilding and removal of radiators apparently took it's toll, so pins started popping out of the case lighting. It didn't work, because 3 pins had come out. No problem, I switched to the Dark Base 700. Build the dark base 700, wow, everything works! But when I power it on, I get this rattling noise, which is louder than the entire system combined. Whatever, it's fine. I then open Asus aura to attempt to sync the be quiet lights with my case. It's not detected, so I try turning off all the lights and back on. When I turn off all the lights.. click - the fans stop spinning and the lights on the case refuse to change even when changed manually. Dead fan hub. So now, I'm returning the dark base 700 for ANOTHER dark base 700, and returning the CLC before it dies. Again. The only factor here that HASN'T CHANGED is the motherboard, CPU, GPU and RAM. Is it possible the MOBO is killing everything? I mean, trying to use asus aura straight up killed the case. The powersupply was switched out (It was in a box with the damaged X62 AND the outer casing was damaged, don't fancy having a potentially faulty PSU destroy my build thanks), the CPU cooler was swapped, the case was swapped... wtf is the problem here? Am I just ridiculously unlucky?
  15. Looking for a fan setup for my Be Quiet! Dark base 700. Now, this sounds stupid, but I want to make use of my silent wings 3 fans as much as possible. I paid £20 each for them and they are excellent - so I want to use them. My issue is, the silent loop 3 radiator i'm going to be using doesn't support 140 fans (My silent wings are all 140). So, I've got the following: 5x Silent Wings 3 140mm fans (Really want to use them) 6x Pure wings 2 120mm fans My case supports: Triple 120 or dual 140 fans at the front Triple 120 or dual 140 fans at the top (It CAN suppor triple 140 but one would be hanging off slightly) 120 or 140 fan at the back How would you guys advise I set this up? I really want to use all my silent wings fans.