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  1. Source : https://www.engadget.com/2018/11/15/sharp-aquos-r2-compact-two-notches/ Previously sharp is known to make a bezelless smartphone, and now they get into the trend with multiple notches phone?
  2. I'm using lancache on my own game cafe and yes it's a very very complicated setup on freebsd (installing nginx and other packages, adding ip, configuring dns, editing a lot of configuration files) but it works. I'll give a try using steamcache, it looks very much simpler.
  3. Use GPS Waypoints app from Playstore, you just input both coordinates and the app will find which way you must aim. I'm using this app for 10-25km link with Cambium PTP radio a few times and it's quite accurate.
  4. Use Easy Sysprep https://www.itsk.com/forum-es-1.html it's Chinese but it works well from windows 7 until 10. I've been used it for years since win7 64-bit released (before that I'm using SPAT for win7 32-bit and xp).
  5. I'm still using my yahoo email as my main email since I created 15 years ago, so even I have a gmail account, it's difficult to tell every people and all the service that I joined/subscribed to change my email
  6. First time my news topic get into the WAN Show, thanks LMG team
  7. It is not dead yet, but it shows that one sector is bad but not yet reallocated. You should run a wipe program from your HDD manufacturer to reallocate that bad sector, after that you will see that bad sector will move to parameter 05 Reallocated Sector Count. If the parameter is not increasing rapidly after you use it, sometimes you can still use that drive for a quite long time, but make sure to backup your data to a healthier HDD. I've seen some HDD with some reallocated sectors still works after months or years until it increase to a couple hundred and unusable anymore because it is so slow and corrupted their files.
  8. It's not worth using Radeon 9600 with Pentium 2, get a better processor like Pentium 4 or Athlon XP. That is AGP 8X card, so its better to use a motherboard that also support AGP 8X. Back in that day (2003), I use Radeon 9500/9600 with Athlon XP and Gigabyte motherboard. In Pentium 2/3/Celeron era (1998-2000), the best graphics card in that day was Voodoo3 and Nvidia RivaTNT2.
  9. "Cloud Connected" is not the best description, the RGB LED is programmable using IFTTT or Zapier service or some events on the internet which they means with "cloud". In the FAQ they said that users can purchase a blank transparent keycaps. I understand why some people have a concern about privacy because you need to enter so much information to their app like your login/password for your email, cloud storage, etc.
  10. Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1229573443/das-keyboard-5q-the-cloud-connected-keyboard It has been fully funded on the first day. I own the Das Keyboard S Ultimate (the blank keycaps one) with Cherry MX Blue switches (watch old LTT reviews down here) and it works great, solid build quality. But from their first product series, they want to show simplicity, without any gimmicks like other keyboard manufacturer. In next series (Das Keyboard 4) they add more functionality which is a media control. But with this product, I don't think I want to buy it. I prefer simple keyboard rather than full RGB light all over my keyboard, and I don't think color light notification in your keyboard will help you more productive. Any thoughts? Here is Linus's old review for Das Keyboard :
  11. I have Asus UX305 with Core M, but this design is very beautiful, I hope they will make the Core M version because I love fanless notebook.
  12. I'm a certified MikroTik engineer. Ever considering MikroTik routers? They are packed with a lot of features and quite affordable, anything you want it will be possible, but you need some learning curve to configure this router.
  13. If car at door 1, and you choose : - door 1, door 2 or 3 opened, not switch = win, switch = lose - door 2, door 3 opened, not switch = lose, switch = win - door 3, door 2 opened, not switch = lose, switch = win It is better to switch every time, because your probability to win is 2/3
  14. Thanks for your response. SMART and Seagate Disk Tools run without any errors. I work as networking/computer technician, so I know how to keep my system clean from any viruses and malware. I've tried : - Using another external HDD, switch from custom USB 2.0 - SATA case with 2,5" 1TB Toshiba HDD to Seagate Expansion 2TB, same result - Change source PC, switch from Core2Duo laptop to HDMI Stick PC, same result I'll try : - Try using another target PC's USB 3.0 port, not yet, I'm always using that front panel USB 3.0 port - Try using target PC's USB 2.0 port I'll post if I get any conclusion.
  15. I have 3 PCs, all running Windows 8.1, one old Core2Duo Laptop (only USB 2.0), one Chinese "Compute Stick" Clone HDMI Stick PC (only USB 2.0, i'm using powered USB Hub), and one Desktop i5 PC (Biostar Z87X, Front panel USB 3.0). I'm using Seagate Expansion 2TB USB 3.0 USB-powered external HDD. The problem is when I copy/edit/delete a lot of file on external HDD from my laptop or stick PC and then connect that HDD to my desktop, strange things happened. Some new files missing, some deleted files reappear, and sometimes it cannot show any files because the partition was unreadable. I need to run chkdsk /f to fix the problem and that results some of my new copied files gone, some deleted files reappear, some files content corrupt, some files have zero file size. It's not always happen, but it's quite often. But if I'm doing it the other way, copy/edit/delete files from my desktop and then connect to my laptop, no problem at all. I've been tried to run chkdsk before safely remove the HDD from my laptop, but it still can result file corruption when connected to my desktop. Same result still happened when I'm using other external HDD which is a 2,5" 1TB Toshiba HDD with USB 2.0 to SATA case, but never be a problem when I'm using a flash drive. Google search with "USB 3 corrupt" result a lot of similar problem. Is that means that I have a problem on my desktop's USB 3.0 controller? But why if I'm writing from my Desktop PC it works perfectly without any corruption?