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    Coswar reacted to kameshss in Windows 10 (With Samsung 840 Evo) takes minutes to boot   
    It's Windows dude. 
    B/w you gotta maintain everything. Such as removing junk files, temp files, browser history, unused stuffs, adwares, malwares and viruses.
    Use ADWCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool often if you don't know what you're doing.
    While installing any s/w you gotta choose "Custom Installation" and make sure to untick any other adwares being installed while process of installing the main s/w.
    Use "Unchecky" for that. It's automated for that process.
    Go to msconfig - - > Check "Hide all Microsoft Services" and uncheck the unnecessary services that you don't want running in the bg.
    Disable unnecessary Startup items in Ccleaner if you have. Ccleaner --> Tools --> Startup.
    If you follow all these steps, it'll stay as good as possible.
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    Coswar reacted to Fooshi in UK BBC iPlayer Capable proxys!   
    Free solutions are always horrible. Slow, unreliable, and solutions like Hola, which you shouldn't even touch, are sketchy as fuck and are just massive botnets.
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    Coswar reacted to PhiberOptik in Powerline Adapter bandwidth issues   
    Make sure the port that it is connected to on the router is configured in the appropriate state and all connections along the way to the end device. IE: Full-Duplex and whatever speed the highest speed between the two connections is.

    @Coswar did that fix it?
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    Coswar reacted to Sevilla in Powerline Adapter bandwidth issues   
    Yes, it would affect it. To what degree? I don't know. That's for you to test and find out.
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    Coswar reacted to Oasis in What's with the Japanese clothing for LMG employees   
    When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
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    Coswar reacted to MeltyMoon in LTT Forums CPU Overclocking Database!   
    175+ Submissions!
    Over 20,000 views!
    Color ranking explanation(based on hours stress tested):
    Red: Less than one hour (or just a CPU-Z Validation)
    Orange: 1-3 Hours (or at least 40-50 passes with prime95)
    Green: 4-6 Hours
    Purple: 6+ Hours
    Okay so I have a form all drawn up and in place, and it automatically adds entries to the DB spreadsheet. The form itself is fairly self explanatory, however I would happy to answer any questions that occur. If i missed something that you feel should be added to the form, (hopefully nothing blatantly obvious  :ph34r: ) let me know! I can edit the form and DB at anytime. Also i will be checking the DB spreadsheet to validate entries. If an entry comes through that doesn't match up to the photo, or if the entry comes without a photo it will be flagged yellow. This just means not verified, and it WILL stay in the DB. However if you want this flag removed pm me with your missing photo, etc and I will update your entry and remove the flag :). If you have multiple machines, or CPUs  to swap out with, please add them! Lets make this database huge! Lastly, yes I realize that my entry is not OC'd at all but that was just me testing my form. I'm only on stock atm, so when i actually have the time to tinker with my PC and have money for a cooler i may add another entry :P
     Without further adieu here are your two links;
    Form :https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qqM1jDGeh_tA99PZLcRzAvETYK9R3qdu84-vK34wuSE/viewform
    Database Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtYAz9JoDICbdFM3dXBaNjZPMVgzWE1jYUlZekZYc3c#gid=0
    Also don't forget to share your thoughts/opinions!
    Update 10/16: With a new Cinebench Release I would like to ask all new entries to be measured in that version of release! All old entries are fine, but can be updated if you wish to have a up to date entry :). To update your cinebench score, run the new build (which will be linked in the form) and take a screen cap of it and pm it to me!
    Thanks in advance!
    Just in case any of you didn't realize, my new method of letting you know if an entry has been approved or not yet is if the Intel, or AMD spaces have been matched up to the color code. If you notice that some entries haven't, don't worry about it. I'm only human and I will make sure I will update your entries the next chance I can :)
    All new Haswell entries will require a main tab of cpu-z and a RAM tab of cpu-z as well. Users that do not include both will be flagged orange in their image link section. Feel free to PM me and I will update your submission if you need it revised!
    Update 2: Cinebench optional tab created! I would love to see users either update their existing entries by PMing me their scores, and I would love to see all new entries include one! This way we can see how CPUs at given frequencies compete! Link to the Cinebench page is included in the submission form for your convinience :)
    Example Screenshot:

    Something like this is great! Makes my life very easy :P I'm looking for:
    1. CPU Load (shown through something like aida, or just the windows performance tab on the task manager)
    2. CPU-Z Open on the main tab (and a CPU-Z RAM tab for Haswell entries)
    3. Some sort of temperature monitoring suite
    4. A stress test software (aida, prime, intel tuning utility, etc.) Something that records the total time stressed(built in for aida or intel tuning utility), or a way to show me how long the processor was in fact stressed for.
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    Coswar reacted to R_Golden in Any idea why GTA V will need a beefier CPU?   
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    Coswar got a reaction from LegacyStijncat in How to get around my school Wi-Fi?   
    Try HotSpot Shield
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    Coswar reacted to Mattr567 in Any idea why GTA V will need a beefier CPU?   
    Yes. At last my FX 8370 can be utilized
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    Coswar reacted to Fulgrim in Any idea why GTA V will need a beefier CPU?   
    This game is gonna make my CPU cry.
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    Coswar got a reaction from matt12046 in Any idea why GTA V will need a beefier CPU?   
    I hope so! Might actually match the i5s for performance for once!
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    Coswar got a reaction from 7850OC in Thought I might try out AMD , what CPU to buy ?   
    Look guys, I think we can finally agree that both Intel and AMD are crap, and that he needs to get a PowerPC CPU. The benchmarks speak for themselves... 
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    Coswar reacted to 7850OC in Thought I might try out AMD , what CPU to buy ?   
    i play lot AAA games (perfectly fine) with my A10 and my 7850 friend
    and "not the crap games" that people use on benchmarks B)
    (Tomb Raider 2013, Metro LL, and blah blah blah)
    and... i know she is not a bottleneck here
    but yea... is true that if you add 4x Titan X... is a bottleneck lol
    but this is not the case here
    ask any guy that use a "four core athlon" and they will tell you
    they are happy with his cpu (or apu) + gpu
    but yes... an i5 is the best buy this days
    and yes... an i7 5000ultraKextremeBMF runs better that a tiny four core athlon  :blush:
    (i know right ? shocking)  :lol:
    but you don't get a "massive" bottleneck as the guy i reply have say
    not true 
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    Coswar reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in Downscaling 4K to 1080p on one game...   
    what not advance can you please elaborate ? 
    it's not any more complicated than nvidia's steps, just because a Rolex watch mechanics is so complicated to change anything doesn't mean it's pointless, surround setup is much more easier in AMD than nvidia doesn't mean i should go get an AMD. and it doesn't certainly doesn't make it pointless .
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    Coswar reacted to Aniallation in Thought I might try out AMD , what CPU to buy ?   
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    Coswar reacted to Aniallation in Thought I might try out AMD , what CPU to buy ?   
    Stop with the god damn Intel vs AMD war. Chances are OP isn't running their 1.3GHz Athlon 64 with the GTX 570. They want an AMD CPU for a reason, possibly as a secondary rig to see what their new chips are like. How do you know that OP hasn't had ten Intel PCs since his Athlon 64?
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    Coswar reacted to sgloux3470 in Thought I might try out AMD , what CPU to buy ?   
    You guys are shitting up a thread with unrelated bullshit.  He's going to pair it with a  570, it doesn't matter what CPU he uses.  You even said so yourself about the GTX 670 earlier in the thread.  Atleast recommend him a fucking i3 which is far closer to his price bracket and performance tier.
    By all means, if someone asks "AMD or Intel" feel free to trigger the benchmark spirit bomb, but none of this is relevant to what the OP's question actually was.  
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    Coswar reacted to D3MON in Thought I might try out AMD , what CPU to buy ?   
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    Coswar got a reaction from SkulD in Thought I might try out AMD , what CPU to buy ?   
    BS, i'd like to see an i3 out perform a 8350. Especially with the overclock room available. 
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    Coswar reacted to AuXDubz in Vessel - unique usernames?   
    Its never too late, not many people think about it haha - I only just claimed Earth, Pope and England like 10mins ago.... more 12am procrastination
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    Coswar reacted to AuXDubz in Vessel - unique usernames?   
    Of course with the extremely recent verge over to the new video platform, Vessel did anybody manage to secure any unique usernames? (yes i know every username is different :rolleyes: )
    I managed to get Earth, Pope, England 
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    Coswar reacted to tdlab in Should I get a CPU upgrade?   
    Hahaha, okay.  I appreciate all of your help and thanks a bunch.
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    Coswar reacted to agmack in Thought I might try out AMD , what CPU to buy ?   
    I've had an FX-8320 for a few years now and I love it, price per performance is great, gotta love those 8 cores. 
    I'd pick the 8350 if I was you.
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    Coswar reacted to AlanTheEmu in Should I get a CPU upgrade?   
    AIO's are very unlikely to leak but that's not saying it will not happen. I've had 2 AIO coolers a Corsair H100i and an NZXT Kraken x41 both worked flawlessly until I went for a custom loop. You can also cool your GPU with them if you get the NZXT G10 bracket or the new corsair one that's if you have the space for one.
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    Coswar reacted to RazerZ in Thought I might try out AMD , what CPU to buy ?   
    Dyling light prefers superior IPC over core count. Without a doubt the i3 will run better in many games which aren't optimized for the FX's architecture.