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  1. muxammle

    Streaming 4K

    Will try it out with trailers and stuff. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. muxammle

    Streaming 4K

    Haven't tried that. Dont have any external storage capable to store 4K movies ;( lol I am not sure if its the transfer speed thats to blame or the processing power. I just need to make sure whats the culprit so that i can fix that one particular thing. Dont have enough money to buy a gigabit router and then having to upgrade to cpu.
  3. muxammle

    Streaming 4K

    I am having issues with current layout. I am trying to figure out if it's the bandwidth, CPU power or my TV's fault.
  4. muxammle

    Streaming 4K

    This is my current layout.
  5. muxammle

    Streaming 4K

    Well, the houses here are not built like that in mind. Once the wiring is done, it's done. Solid concrete walls. Will upgrading to gigabit routers work?
  6. muxammle

    Streaming 4K

    It's local transfer speed. The movies are stored on local storage that I want to stream to my TV. But I am having stuttering issues with the playback. And I have multiple routers because of wifi range. Also, the wire that was run concealed in the wall was not enough to reach my TV so I had to add a router as an access point to increase the range of both the wireless and wired network.
  7. muxammle

    Streaming 4K

    I have a core i5 4xxx series machine with a radeon 6770 at home that I use to download and stream movies to my television. My TV is connected to my pc via a series of 100 mbit routers. I get real world speeds of around 10-11 mbps. The question is: Is this bandwidth and cpu power enough to stream native 4K HDR movies to my TV?
  8. muxammle

    Higher Resolution or Higher Refreshrate

    By casual games, I meant not very demanding games. Or games that would advantage from either the higher refresh rate or higher resolution. Yes, the 144hz one is HD1080p. I do not watch 4k content because I don't have a monitor yet lol. But I usually edit high-quality photos and high-resolution vector graphics.
  9. Hey, guys. I am really confused. I want to buy a new monitor. But my range is only $350 to max $400. I can either go for a 4K display or a 144hz display. Don't know if there are any that offers both in this range. My primary usage is of basic designing stuff and editing photos. And some casual games such as Dota, CSGO, and TF2. Not very demanding games. PC Specs: Core i7 7700k Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Gaming 5 Corsair vengeance 16gb ddr4 Gigabyte gtx1080 240gb NVMe - 480gb SSD - 4tb HDD Which monitor and brand should I go for? Thanks.
  10. muxammle

    Weirdest dream!

    Greetings! I had the weirdest dream last night. I was in a back seat of Linus' civic with Linus driving it and Luke on the passenger seat. Linus was driving so recklessly i was about to through up. Then suddenly, we were at the cafe. Me and Linus were talking about cpus and Luke was holding a big black box. I asked him what was in it and he was like "it is a top secret upcoming product that i cannot discuss". I woke up after that. What is my subconscious trying to tell me?
  11. muxammle

    Leaking Floatplane Videos!

    Removed the videos. Sorry about that. I did not know they were aware.
  12. Hey, Someone has been leaking floatplane early access videos on youtube. Yesterday, they leaked scrapyard episode 3 and now techquickie and product reviews of LTT. Scrapyard wars is gone, but a couple of videos are still there.You guys should take a look and report it.
  13. I wasnt sure if i wanted to oc or not. I already had the board. But i went with yhe locked 7700 to save 50 bucks. The board woud not have saved me much.
  14. So the build is complete. It wasnt as easy as i thought. But i made it work in the end.
  15. Yeah the i5 does have some trouble. Only sometimes. But usually it does the task.