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    Intel I-7 6700k
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    Asus Maximus VIII Ranger
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    2x8gb corsair lp ddr4
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    Asus Strix-gtx1080-8g-gaming
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    Corsair spec alpha
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    500gb samsung 840 pro SSD & 1TB WD black HDD
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    Corsair RM750x
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    Eizo foris 2434 something
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    Win 10 pro

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  1. yeah the issue with cutting one out of another case it that its still not a custom layout. what i plan to do with the gpu's is create a custom backplate thans slightly wider than the card(s) and that connects to the waterblock on the other side and then the wider part wil be bend slightly back and then flat again (poorly explained prob) so i basically use the backplace as a mounting bracket and the card will be (kinda like in that image) mounted with the backplate against the new tray. Obviously ill use a pcie extension cable to connect the gpu up then. I'll look up what you mentioned about Danger Den, havent heard of it but it might be usefull.
  2. you'll have to undo some screws. i mean its like with pretty much any other card. some of them might be screwed into the cooler though idk for sure about that with this model. but sure it can be done. just look for a tutorial on a waterblock instalation on the specific card, as that will probably require removal of the backplate too.
  3. Depends.. i got a plextor in my laptop thats plastic, but i know of other made from metal.
  4. Hi, I've been looking at trying out something interesting for my rig. first i was just gonna buy a new case and move it over, but Theres some interesting stuff I could achieve with modding. I'd like to make a custom backtray(? idk the name for it), so the part where all the hardware is connected to, in order to customise where the hardware go's and show of my gpu's waterblock once its on there. Here is kind of what i mean, now this specific one is quite extreme with the special sidepannel and stuff but that custom backplate thingy is kind of the idea im going for (not saying ill coppy this style but you get it i think). again this one is rather extreme and made from metal, but i dont have the tools to work with metal. So I am considering some type Acrylic, I'm just unsure if its strong enough and mainly if its not too flexible. What do you guys think? Anyone with lots of acrylic experience who could advice me on this matter?
  5. I might play arround withthe shetchup file later today. Btw you have these 3 elevated pieces on your desk for monitors i assume, can't you close the open sides of the area beneath them off wil wood or acrylic and mount all the hardware in there? Idk if theyre big enough, havent opened rhe shetchup file yet as im not home atm
  6. i had that idea, but i wasnt sure how amazon worked so i thought i'd ask. freaking amazon i cant even filter by screen resolution
  7. Im not from the uk and we dont have amazon, so someone with amazon knowledge please look at this. if this price is true then this is one hell of a laptop for 120pounds... like what?! this would cost like 8 times as muh where i live https://www.amazon.co.uk/i7-6700HQ-10-Home-Notebook-Illuminated-Mechanical-Keyboard-Skylake/dp/B00XU7FFQY/ref=sr_1_4?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1486745559&sr=1-4
  8. Yeah isnt that thing gonna be likea freaking fortune
  9. Just wanna say that the way "bottleneck" is used here does not indicate you will lagg... they just mean you will gain some additional frames on higher resolutions by using an i7, but the i5 will still give you great frames, specially if you just play 1080p. Then still getting an i7 instead wont double your gaming preformance or anything like that.
  10. O rip i missed the price ok fair enough. But emm the mobo does have 4 slots, have a better look theres rgb leds in between, you probably counted those
  11. I got you a build. I replaces the IX code for a Gigabyte gaming 7 z270 motherboard. Good board with rgb lighting and over 100 pounds cheaper. Anyway idk where you shoped but for well under 1100 pounds this build will get you that ss5, 500gb even and a 7700k insteadof 7600k. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/DBkZr7
  12. Looks good, the ix code is unnecessarily expensive but at least it's a nice board. If you want though you could save some money there. Plus you dont really need 750W, 500 or 550 should be plenty to run a single 980ti and a 7600k
  13. Why is there 2 post from you both about yhe same question? You might wanna remove one.
  14. A 1070 will obviously give the best gaming preformance but the price is higher too, so if you can and want to spend it get the 1070. Howevera 480 or 1060 will run games in 1080p perfectly fine too. I would advice going with a 480 8gb if its between that and the 1060 even though i usually run nvidia myself. Its about equal to a 1060 but its drivers are still improving meaning its preformance will still go up slightly, plus the extra 2gb vram dont hurt. 1060 isnt a bad choice either however, both solid 1080p cards As to the psu, 500 or 550 is more than enough just make sure its 80+ certified