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  1. Ok so, i'll format again using other version of windows but, last time was clean format. I even formatted my ssd through secure erase then installed win 10. I didn't format the hdd tho, although i don't think this would be the case( the problem didn't come after the format anyway).
  2. No, i bought every part, although i didn't do the assembly. Fresh copy of windows was installed, and when upgrading to win 10 from win 7(original copy) i formatted the drive first. Also both versions were legit windows. not pirated versions, specifically student version. The only thing i didn't format was the other 2 partitions, Recovery and the 100mb one(EFI System Partition) I can to format again but unfortunately not right now as i don't have much available time.
  3. No, i never use unnecessary programs, no antivirus or any other programs running in the background. What do you mean by in-place upgrade?
  4. I never overclocked my cpu, only my gpu once just for a test. My ram was a set.
  5. And something i need to mention again, it doesn't happen that random, for example in pummel party, which has minigames, game will freeze in the beginning of the minigame after countdown, in cs sometimes when i leave the push to talk button etc. From what i've seen from other games it usually happens in sudden changes
  6. Sorry for long response, so i double checked every cable, and to be sure i swapped the sata and power ports. both hdd still do the same thing
  7. No i don't have extensions. Every cable is original either from the PSU or the Mobo, although the same power cable is used for the HDDs so there might be an issue there, i will check it.
  8. Full specs: CPU: Intel i7 6700k GPU: GTX 1070 Mobo: Asus z170 Pro Gaming RAM: 2x8 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400MHz PSU: Coolermaster v550 SSD: Samsung EVO 850 2XHDD: WD Blue (1 bought 3 years ago with everything else, 1 bought few months ago) So my problem is, that when running games from the HDDs(both of them) games will freeze randomly for like 0.5-1 sec, whole screen will freeze so for example in CS:GO i might walk to a corner and maybe because someone will be on the other end, i freeze and when screen comes back i'm already dead. In other games it happens during some sudden changes in the environment or during the beginning of the game(some minigames i play). I tested all my drives, ran extended tests on both my hdds with WD data lifeguard and also checked with crystaldisk. I also tried disabling sleep mode, editing the registry so the LPM state is set to active, and also tried a solution about ssd being disabled with registry inputs again. This problem started really early when i bought my computer but i didn't mind since it didn't happen as often as now, i have upgraded to windows 10 since then thinking it might solve the problem but there was no change whatsoever. Problem kinda got worse when i installed the second HDD which makes me wonder about the psu maybe? I also ran a memtest ( 1 pass extended) which found no errors. Thing is every topic i found is about either possibly damaged HDD or faulty ssd, tho when i run games installed in ssd(even the games previously mentioned) freeze won't occur. Other info that might be relevant is that, when i bought my pc, i had a buzzing sound with my psu, i returned it, guy said it was coil whine. Thing is i had my pc plugged in a cheap power strip. so when i powered up my computer(button on the back) electricity in the room would go down and i had to manually reopen it. The same buzzing sound happens now when i'm in game and for any reason i alt tab, while moving the mouse i hear the same exact sound.