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    AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition
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    ECS A885GM-A2
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    8 GIG Crucial Balistix Sport
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  1. You didn't read the article did you, the man works from home, he needs internet to do his job, if he can't do his job then he needs to move. Ya get it? No one can provide him Internet, the point is Comcast said they could and thats the only reason they even moved into the house to begin with. If the man can work there why would he live there? So in a sense, comcast is the reason he moved in, and are the reason he needs to move out.
  2. I thought that the internet being declared a utility puts laws in place which forces ISP's to provide service to everyone, no matter what. if the house has running water it gets internet as well. No?
  3. What are you talking about? For one, they still sell hubs, for two I specifically say not to use a Hub...
  4. If you are using powerline to feed your wifi, thats why it drops. Buy one single good Wireless router and that should solve your problems. The modem is most likely not causing your issues, PowerLine on the other hand probably is.
  5. You will want some Cat 6 (thicker gauge, last longer, can also go just a bit further), a repeater, and a wireless AP. Run the cat6 from the house to the church, depending on the distance, you can get away with running Cat6 600 feet but rule of thumb is each run from the router should be no more than 100meters. If the distance is further than this you will need a repeater somewhere in the middle. in the church set up a wifi router as an Access point so it only provides wifi and uses the internet coming from the house over the cat 6.
  6. Run a wire from wherever your router/switch is, to the computer in need of a connection. Remember every device should have its own dedicated line to the switch/router for best performance (less collision). Sorry but for the best possible experience nothing beats cat5 to the router. Oh and stay away from Hubs!
  7. Are those actually switches or just hubs?
  8. Depends on how many users will be online at a time. just 1 person can get away with 6mbs down to do everything, As you add more users on the same line at the same time you will want more bandwidth.
  9. POWER LINE IS CRAP! WIFI IS CRAP! you say you want GIGABIT then you need to run ethernet, you have no other choice for a gig connection to you router. Understand though that it will only be a GIG to the router, whatever your internet speed is will remain the same....so if you are looking for faster internet this isnt going to help you (much) unless you are on crappy wifi and then this will help alot .
  10. This is the nicest desk build Ive ever seen!, gona be a bitch changing that coolant though!