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  1. Ah you're right now that I look again on Amazon there is none. Damnn could've sworn at the time of purchase I saw it said something about built in speakers.
  2. I think it's in the right spot. Plugged in the HD audio where the manual says its for audio. Nice way of typing dude
  3. I did no sound still. Used Apple ear phones to be specific
  4. Specs: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/TKxzkT So I turn on my PC and I want to listen to some music and play some games but there's no sound. The volumn is up all the way. No sound. This is right after I just built it last night. I plugged in the HD Audio cable into the AAPF slot on the mobo. Any idea if this is right and something else is wrong? Edit; monitor is Samsung curved cfg70 24"
  5. Hm but the thing is I can't find out any of this stuff since nothing is being displayed on the monitor. How would j fix this first?
  6. I waited about 10 minutes after the reboot it was still black then. I think I might be able to access the BIOS but I just won't be able to see that I did since monitor won't show it. How would the OS installation corrupt? And how would I fix it? Also just curious does turning off and on the PC via the PSU power switch lead to potentially frying the mobo and CPU?
  7. Just finished my first build. Had problems getting it to start up before, turns out I didn't plug in CPU to PSU. It then worked fine took me to bios and everything just no OS to boot from. This was all last night. But this morning just got Windows on a USB from media installation tool. Tried to install Windows on new PC, got up to the point where it had the check list of 5 things was on "preparing files for installation" 3rd part I think. Stepped out of the room for food. Came back to the PC restarting then it goes black... specs: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/TKxzkT also if it helps I tried to install Windows 10 Home x64 64 bit.
  8. I didn't see it. My bad. I've never heard of this mobo before. I'll check it out. Do you have any personal experience with this?
  9. Unlocked CPU with a mobo unable of overclocking the CPU? Wouldn't 6500 be a better fit?
  10. Is the division and BF 1 CPU intensive? I dont think so but correct me if I am wrong.
  11. Yep, looks mean nothing to me at this point. I would like to draft up a build I can build myself that can function reliably while I play these games. Can't be too picky.
  12. I would like the case to be as small as possible I'd like to avoid kicking it and put it somewhere on top of my pretty small desk. I don't care about the mother board form factor as long as it works great thats all that matters.
  13. I would like to avoid screen tearing, hence the Viewsonic with free sync. But if the screen tearing isn't as bad as I think it is, then this seems like a good option.
  14. How is the quality of that PSU? I think I've read somewhere that Cosair's CXM series of PSU or something was good. Also how did you get that $25 Wins 10 in there? Can't find that on PCPP.
  15. No I don't need the wifi. But this was a recommended mobo I've seen somewhere. It didn't look that reliable to me after some reviews. I would like to change it.