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  1. Looking at a replacement for my 12 year old dell S2209W that has netted me with quite reputation when running it with a modern graphics card (theres no hdmi or display port). So Im planning to up my game to a decent monitor in what I call the magic 144's. I personally prefer having a VA panel over others because the better contrast ratios really butter my toast. So given that I'm buying in Australia which one of these appears to be crème de la crème of the cheapo but not really monitors. Samsung CJG54 (this seems like a steal whats the caveat?) viewsonic vx2758-2kp-mhd AOC c127g1 (yes our lord and saviour linus did flame this pretty hard)
  2. hey what is is your price bracket and what country are you in (trust me it's important particularly if you live in australia like myself) also a case preference is needed for a cpu cooler
  3. okay 2560 x 1080 is the winner as per popular opinion
  4. Planning to get 1060 in near future probably 6gb version
  5. yea looking to upgrade graphics to 1060 3 or 6 gb at round about same time
  6. 2560 x 1080 or 1440p Recently been looking around for a new monitor (my one is now many years old) and I came across the right budget of $400-500 AUD. Was wondering what the community had to say about this matter had two major contenders. 2560 x 1080 LG 29UM68-P https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/lg-29-219-2560x1080-full-hd-ultrawide-ips-led-gaming-monitor-29um68-p-lg/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=product_listing_ads&gclid=CjwKEAjwu8m-BRDM8KTcjdj8qy0SJACdjSZppXTgiyjgLD-WBA-g6sO2shj-A8GJ-hn_0V9mLRVkHxoCG63w_wcB OR 1440p Acer K272HUL https://www.pccasegear.com/products/36653?gclid=CjwKEAjwu8m-BRDM8KTcjdj8qy0SJACdjSZpC0yuXPGVmKBXU9OjEhvMhJGL7CNM9JnKG_f8Nlo09BoCP4Tw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds If you have found a better monitor for either category and is able to be shipped to Australia at same price pls leave link and name in the replies JUST A QUICK REMINDER The monitor is to be used for gaming foremost