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  1. How can I set my cpu ratio and cpu core voltage back to auto in my msi bios?
  2. So I just got done rebuilding my PC (long story). And I`m noticing that games feel a bit more laggy. The fps is about the same ( except in cs:go, where my fps dropped from ca. 220-270 to ca. 180-250). I think the hdd is damaged. It sometimes makes a weird buzzing sound. Could this be the problem? Or do you think it might be software related (got a new copy of windows)
  3. Chrome crashing. Monitor turning black for a few seconds
  4. Hi. I was just wondering if it is normal for a new PC to act a little weird? Glitches and bugs and stuff like that.
  5. Around 30, but it goes up to 50 sometimes
  6. So my i7 8700k ildes at 25-50 c° is something wrong.
  7. But how can i do that with my h100i v2. It has just one fan cable coming out of the cpu block. Even when I plug it in the pump header the pump won't work
  8. The aio or the mobo?
  9. Just installed my new motherboard (msi z370m gaming pro ac) and cpu (i7 8700k) and the pump on my corsair h100i v2 won't work (it worked fine on my old mobo). The cpu idles at 50-70 degrees. There is a cpu fan header and a pump header on the board. The fan and pump is connected to the cpu fan header. What should i do?
  10. There are some tiny dust particle on the underside of my cpu. So small I can't see them unless I use a magnifying glass. Is this a big problem?
  11. Can I use a hairdryer on the setting that blows cold air to remove dust from the underside of my cpu? I know that using compressed air is the best way, but im installing the cpu soon and don't have any.
  12. No. I have not innstalled my cpu. Thear are a bit of dust under my cpu. How can i get it off without compressed air.
  13. Can i use my hairdryer at the cool setting so that it just blows cold air?
  14. No i mean my cpu. On the pads. Its an intel 8700k. Do you think i can use my hairdryer on the cool setting so that it just blows cold air?