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Timothy shone

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    Jarlic bread

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    South Africa
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    Gaming ie CSGO Rust ARK:survival evolved gmod far cry and other games

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  1. Yeah i guess ,when i saw luke announce the razor blade giveaway i had a dream lol would be a kinda big upgrade
  2. Hi guys over here let your creative memes flow, feel free to roast me on my "gaming rig" , yes i said it gaming i try game on it specs: not sure exactly but here is a basic geforce gtx 550 ti windforce i5 ???ghz 500gb HDD and more crappy parts,so... let the raosting begin may the odds be ever in your favor Oh and here are some games i play csgo, i get pritty chilled fps granted its a fps game ark:survival evolved; yeah i tried once Rust :low graphic good fps
  3. I meme .___. My favorite ice cream would have to bee the stawberry ice cream for wakaberry(some rip off of an American ice cream shop for south africa) Come to think of it its frozen yogurt but would frozen yogurt count as ice cream i don't help meme .___. !!!!!