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  1. My Nas specs are: Asrock e3c232d21 mobo 16gb (2 sticks) ecc ddr4 ram g4400 cpu 6x wd red 3tb I currently use the corsair sf600 psu. Its totally overkill but I have it because my friend didnt need it and gave me a good deal. I recently got the silverstone sfx st30sf. Im confident 300w will easily power it, but any opinions there? I may change my cpu in the future to a xeon (e3 1230v5) but 300w would still be alright, right? Also any noticeable difference money wise with the difference in efficiency?
  2. jfat

    Interested in making a server/nas

    Plex would probably make the process easier, im not sure on how to set it up myself though so couldnt really guide you on it. ECC ram isnt necessary, its recommended because with ZFS an error in the memory could cause file corruption. For you use case it probably isnt necessary, depends if you care about your data enough to risk it. If its just stuff you can redownload or whatever I wouldnt care... You should have an extra backup for important stuff anyway.
  3. jfat

    Interested in making a server/nas

    Your ram isnt ECC and your cpu doesnt support ECC btw.
  4. jfat

    Interested in making a server/nas

    Setting up external access is possible but a bit more difficult. You can also set up a plex server on it through the freenas jails.