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  1. jullius caesar

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Not sure if done before, but difference between raster/vector (Photoshop/Illustrator), Or what situations are appropriate to use Premiere vs. After Effects for a Youtube channel
  2. jullius caesar

    Audeze Sine Review

    The vid was basically the iphone 7 lack of headphone jack review
  3. Good thing I held off upgrading my 5 yr old nexus phone.. Not BAMsung but I remember my 1st gen Shield tablet with the faulty battery almost exploded while I was sleeping, I woke up to the smell of burnt plastic.. Cause I kept using it after my RMA tablet came in. I really can't wait for the next breakthrough in battery tech
  4. jullius caesar

    Physical shops are awesome

    Up north here at Canadiaville I like Canada Computers cause they showcase some components out of box. My problem with Best Buy here is the prices are too high even for accessories, cords, etc except for flash drives. But then I check Amazon and similar prices for something way better anyways. So i just get prime and wait
  5. jullius caesar

    Batteries Suck

    Elon better come up with something new for batteries.. lol
  6. I bought it on Xbox live and played it on xbone for 8 bucks cause I can't wait for remastered anymore. I hope there's news to sequel some time next year
  7. jullius caesar

    Post Custom Desktop

    Naughty Dog artists do some crazy shiz
  8. jullius caesar

    NASA Will Re-Launch its 2016 Mars Mission in 2018 !!!

    Can't wait to see what NASA & SpaceX finds out there
  9. jullius caesar

    Who here wants drone delivered burritos?!?!?!

    a burrito is a burrito. DO IN CANADIA PLZ
  10. Damn, I could have used this when I quit my old job