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  1. LaundyGoggles

    Favorite Creepypastas / Horror Youtube

    I always listen to Be.Busta
  2. LaundyGoggles

    SLR Question

    This is probably a stupid question, but if a camera has a optical viewfinder, but can't change lenses, is it still an SLR? An example camera is the Nikon P900. They don't market it as a DSLR, so I'm interested if it is one.
  3. LaundyGoggles

    T3 or 40D?

    My DSLR just broke and I'm dirt poor, so I am choosing between the T3 and the 40D. I would be using it mostly for stills, but being able to shoot video with the T3 is nice. Which do I pick?
  4. LaundyGoggles

    Little silver things sticking out of shutter

    Thanks for clearing that up. Guess I'll have to start saving for a new camera.
  5. So yesterday I was using my Canon 450D, and I was taking photos in burst mode, and suddenly it stopped and an error 99 screen popped up. I replaced the battery and nothing happened. I did everything to try to fix it but nothing worked. Today, I decided to take another look at it, and I flipped up the mirror and saw this- I have no clue if this is normal, but if it isn't, it might be the cause of the error. Also, whenever I turn the camera on, the shutter puffs out a bit, then goes back to normal. Please help me, as I don't have the money to but a new DSLR. Even if those silver things don't relate to the error, does anybody have an idea what might? I already tried a new SD card, lens, and battery. Thanks in advance.
  6. It's a stupid question, but I want to make sure that I'm right.
  7. LaundyGoggles

    Rate the Photo Above you

    9/10 I love the bokeh! This is a photo that I took of my friend about a week ago
  8. LaundyGoggles

    Rate the Photo Above you

    7/10 It's a bit blurry and there's some glare.
  9. LaundyGoggles

    Rate the Photo Above you

    9/10 The people are a bit distracting. The camera is a bit dusty
  10. LaundyGoggles

    Define your greatest memories/moments within video games.

    When I first played Super Mario World at my cousin's house
  11. LaundyGoggles

    My Shit School PC

    We used to have some really old dells with Windows XP, but they upgraded them to Lenovo ones with 6500ks, 16gb of RAM, Windows 10, Nvidia k620s, and 1080p monitors.
  12. LaundyGoggles

    Post Custom Desktop

    This awesome one by @Joka232
  13. LaundyGoggles

    Rate the Photo Above you

    10/10 The composition's great!
  14. Some succulents would be a nice addition.
  15. LaundyGoggles


    He delivered! Thanks again Joka!