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    Ask, and be wary of what you might find
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    No you can't see what erotic, i mean visual novels I like
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    probably set up at some point but... idk
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    IT, Music, Design, Anime, Home Construction, DIY, Writing
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    I was born years ago on a brisk fall morning in a small town. The leaves were dancing in the air and I was busy making stuff up for a social media bio that few will read and fewer will care about.
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    Mobility Tech Team for Lowes Home Improvement


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    4th genereation i5
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    240 SSD + 1 TB HDD
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    Samsung TV 43"
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    Some wierd offbrand I found on amazon that is ultra gamery with the RGB
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    Came with the wierd keyboard, not sure of model number
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    tv sound for now, saving up for real speakers
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    win 10

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  1. Love the picture and the name :)

  2. I'm confused why everyone is talking like there IS a drug ring. The DEA said they do not tell companies if there is an investigation like this, which is in direct conflict with the story he claims. Hansen is lying, plain and simple.
  3. Upgrade for the Petabyte Project

    @LinusTech @nicklmg @colonel_mortis @AlexTheGreatish Any thoughts on doing something like this?
  4. Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    you had me until the last one
  5. They taste like ramen. Not sure what else to say about it 


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    2. aki adaki

      aki adaki

      I rarely get heart burn, I don't have much of one, I like chicken ramen with a chicken Broth cube

    3. DimasRMDO


      So are you supposed to dunk it into a bowl of ramen?


    4. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      I have toothpaste that tastes like chocolate.

      Your argument is invalid.

  6. Related image

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    2. Ryujin2003


      And EU is ahead of US in education....

    3. lewdicrous


      @Techstorm970 I never thought that my name would be used as a punchline.. I feel truly blessed 😂😂

    4. Cinnabar Sonar
  7. Did Linus buy a car yet?

    @GoodBytes well one of the differences between cars and trucks is how the body is connected or one piece. That would be a car and fall into higher fuel economy regulations, which is why it's hard to find them here. To clarify hard to find vs illegal, the us applies financial penalties to those not meeting regulations. So it's not like you CAN'T make a gas guzzling supercar in the US, but it will cost a lot more money to make due to penalties, and then being a fast sportscar with a higher price tag, it's going to have only a very small market of buyers
  8. Did Linus buy a car yet?

    To clarify SUV's and trucks fall into a different category of fuel economy laws than compact cars. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_average_fuel_economy#2011_agreement_for_Model_Years_2017–2025 Enjoy
  9. *insert generic comment about building your own* *insert question about why prebuilt you idiot* *insert confused meme*
  10. https://www.theverge.com/2018/8/17/17696294/trump-trade-war-tariff-china-electric-scooters-startup-bird-spin-lime-uber-lyft

    So the trade war is affecting electric scooters. what will the hipsters do now??!!

    xD no hate, i just think it's funny that this is on of the things affected

    1. lewdicrous


      The only thing they can do is install a Bafang motor on it..

      Oh the humanity.. all this pain and suffering..


      On a positive note, you don't have to worry about your ankles for now

  11. so hansen lied. plain and simple. dea didn't talk to tesla, and thefts were reported to the police. I get there's problems with the business but making up nonsense because you got fired is not the way to handle your anger
  12. Did Linus buy a car yet?

    Uh oh, this road has a speed bump. Kids we're gonna have to go back home...
  13. Image result for you didn't see nothing

    This is what the internet was made for

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    2. Jtalk4456


      given what nein means, i'm not sure if that's a good or bad score

    3. Ryujin2003


      Lol, just play on words. I like your Steam verbage.

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      i give this gif a rate of nein out 6 million. :ph34r:

  14. "Hello!", he loudly yells thru the megaphone to get her attention xD


    1. aki adaki

      aki adaki

      I'm not that bad! My doctor did say my hearing has been the best it's ever been.