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    North Carolina
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    IT, Music, Design, Anime, Home Construction, DIY, Writing
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    I was born years ago on a brisk fall morning in a small town. The leaves were dancing in the air and I was busy making stuff up for a social media bio that few will read and fewer will care about.
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    4th generation i5
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    ASUS Unknown model
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    12 GB
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    RX 460
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    Unknown Full ATX Case
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    240 SSD + 1 TB HDD
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    Samsung TV 43"
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    Some wierd offbrand I found on amazon that is ultra gamery with the RGB
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    Came with the wierd keyboard, not sure of model number
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    tv sound for now, saving up for real speakers
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    win 10

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  1. how did i forget to put lore olympus in there?! Yeah that one is amazing and deals with serious stuff
  2. ok these will all be from the webtoons app. completely free to read, though they have a coin system to read ahead of ones that are updating constantly, but you can just wait a week and get the reading for free. ok i know you said you don't need funny, but this one is too good to not recommend Just Pancakes ok serious stuff Not even bones Ctrl Z I'm the Grim Reaper Let's Play (Romance, but really good, deals with some serious stuff at times) Muted The Wolfman of Wulvershire (Very New) Devil Number 4 (Romance but VERY serious) Carl (technically lighthearted and cute, but often deals with very real world implications of AI and human consciousness and depression) The witch and the bull (FANTASTIC art) The little trash mermaid (very cute, but all about environmentalism) I can look for some others that aren't on the app, I'll let you know
  3. when you say anime themed what are you referring to? Are you talking the art style itself? cuz anime isn't a genre, just the art style. Are you on the webtoons app? if not i recommend that to start. Once i get off work in 1.5 hrs, I'll throw you a few suggestions i've found
  4. Funny thing I'm in the same spot with my weight, I got VR to try and help. Then quarantine hit and me and my wife are working at home, and the VR computer is being used most of the day. That's not an excuse and I can find time, but it's certainly made it harder to do. Wait kitchen aid mixer, did I miss something? or do you just mean you're cooking more? I'l second your support to both of you, I'll keep working at it if you do!
  5. i'm on the weight journey too, got about 75 to lose good luck on yours
  6. First off, congrats on being smart enough to realize it's dumb. That's 90% of the challenge for most people Second, Thanks for sharing your story and being willing to talk about it. People who are suffering from addiction need to hear from other people going through the same. Community and support is one of the biggest factors in getting through addiction. My wife went to school for sociology so through reading textbooks while she listened and took notes, I've absorbed a fair amount of it. Fortunately I've not been under an addiction before, so my support is limited to encouragement, unless you count watching 8 hrs of anime a day in college an addiction. But I'm happy to support you in any way I can. If you're going cold turkey though, I highly suggest talking to your Dr about it. they might have or refer you to someone that has techniques and tricks to help coping with the withdrawal. and different things might work for you or not. For me it's not just my health, being here for my family, etc. It's the economics. It's SOOOO expensive to enjoy alcohol or smoking. Even if I liked the taste, I simply can't afford drugs. DM's are open if you need to talk about it. I'm also on Discord if you use that
  7. they have more than an app, but part of their thing is a recipe organizing app. But there's tons of software creators, that doesn't mean Apple can just litigate and win, they don't have a monopoly on making software. Even more important their claim is that the logo is too similar, which is bogus, their not fighting about whether another company can make software, they're just saying that cuz it's a fruit with a leaf, it looks like apples logo. It's just stupidity. There is no reason besides money that Apple would win this, they don't own the right to all fruit logos
  8. oh i guarantee they tried to litigate, but nickelodeon at the time probably had a big legal team to battle with. this little recipe app doesn't
  9. also you presume the a computer CAN mimic humans, but the nature of a computer makes it very hard to mimic computers. Consider CAPTCHA's for example. Simple for us, nearly impossible for an AI. there's lots of hurdles to pass before computers reach the point of questioning humanity, let alone sentience. I'd rather we focus on the humans not getting equal rights already
  10. So I woke up this morning to what felt kinda like the house shaking and my printer reinitializing. I figured I felt a large thunderclap, it's been storming a lot lately, and I went back to sleep. 

    NOPE apparently we had a 5.1 earthquake. I say "we" but I was far away from the epicenter. About 3 hrs away from it, so it wasn't bad, just a little tremor, but still that was interesting.

    1. FloRolf


      The only 5.1 earthquake i've ever experienced.



      ayyy lmao

    2. Jtalk4456


      weak sauce @FloRolf

      Onkyo Meets Dolby Atmos

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      check again, it's 2020. might be godzilla awakening from his underground tunnel nest for the august schedule.

  11. No it wasn't pointless, they were suspicious of you getting phished and looking out for you. No need to be rude like that. Also if you're in contact with social blade and they say you need that, then i'd guess you need that. Their site is about making a page of information about you. Not including people you are subscribed to would be a vital piece of information missing. I can only assume the reason you want to avoid this is you're subscribed to content you feel embarrassed to share for whatever reason. What I suggest is having a separate account just for what you subscribe to vs the channel you post to and you can't open another one why?
  12. @Den-Fi: Gives something awesome away the exact time that I start my new semester and have therefore not been on several days


    Haha Bongo Cat GIF - Haha BongoCat PressTheButton - Discover ...

    1. Bananasplit_00


      Den is giving away more stuff? For once I don't feel like reaching for the newspaper roll :P

    2. Jtalk4456


      he did a couple days ago apparently....