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    North Carolina
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    I was born years ago on a brisk fall morning in a small town. The leaves were dancing in the air and I was busy making stuff up for a social media bio that few will read and fewer will care about.
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    Samsung TV 43"
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    Some wierd offbrand I found on amazon that is ultra gamery with the RGB
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    Came with the wierd keyboard, not sure of model number
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    tv sound for now, saving up for real speakers
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    win 10

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  1. so i found a news website that is so horribly designed I had to show it


    doesn't even have an article with information in it... XD

    1. WikiForce


      takes really long to load too or maybe it's just my internet

    2. Energycore

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      haven't played the video yet & i can literally hear the noises from the thumbnail.

  3. it's somehow weird to know that you have the exact same keyboard as me even down to the box browns. I guess this feeling is how most people with decent peripherals have always felt XD
  4. Thanks for the follow! I'm not on as much lately, but i'm getting back into the groove. More content will follow soon.

    1. Pascal...


      Sure np. I like making new friends.

  5. It seems there's some joke about you and a party and tagging you in a bunch of stuff... I've been off the forum too much if I'm missing this kind of stuff. 

    1. LukeSavenije


      you mean that stuff i did a while back?


      or the stuff from den?

    2. Princess Luna

      Princess Luna

      I'm not aware of it

  6. This just makes me happy


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    2. Ryan_Vickers


      Speaking of those deposits to make sure the stuff actually does get recycled, I think they do work, but clearly not well enough or ocean plastic wouldn't be an issue.  Luckily I think there's an easy fix for that - simply increase the amounts.  At a bare minimum, the deposit should be whatever it costs to clean up that container from wherever it's likely to end up, plus the cost to cleanup whatever extra environmental impact is caused by having to make new plastic to replace it vs what would have been released by just recycling it.  That seems like common sense to me, and in fact that idea of paying the true price, not just what it takes to make it, assuming you're allowed to dump infinite waste wherever you want, could and should be applied to a lot of things imo.

    3. dizmo


      @ARikozuMPrograms like that aren't really as effective as you might think. Where do you think most of the recyclables go? China. However, they've recently decided they don't want them, and are moving to higher quality product production. Thus, most are simply going into landfills, because it's too cost intensive to actually repurpose it.


      The government is an arm of the people. So really, you have no one to blame but the populous. Don't use government as a scapegoat.



    4. ARikozuM


      Most states have stopped doing those incentives. There's also the issue that most manufacturing has left the US in search of cheap labor. We can simply start recycling plants here in the states for metals like iron and aluminum alongside plastics. Hell, there are plenty of toy companies looking for recycled plastic for eco friendly toys along with the Made in USA mark. 


    1. Ashiella



    2. Jtalk4456


      but a goodie

  8. OK So it is with a heavy heart that I make this status. For those who don't know, I am going back to college online right now. I also have 5 children, work a 10 hr shift job at a call center in sales that I don't like but it does some good money, and I am followed to a lot of people here (261 to be precise). While this is more due to the forum only having a follow function vs an "add friend" function, I cannot deny that FOMO (fear of missing out) is a crutch I walk with. I never miss notifications, I open every one of them even if I don't react or reply, even if the notification was from 2 months ago. As much a mental issue as it is for me, I do somewhat pride myself on giving every notification a chance to be important and worth opening. Up to this point, I've been fine with this. In the last 2 months I went on an escapade slowly opening over 2000 backed up notifications since I started school, a new job, and had a new baby to deal with. But it is beginning to strain me. 

    I love (almost) all of you dearly, and this forum has made me many good friends and fun conversations. I've gained a lot of info that helped me when I was studying for Comptia A+. And I will not stop being the over obsessive notification hog I am. 

    But I will cut down a bit. Some of you will have to go. This is temporary. I will be writing down names to re-follow later when school is over or I've better acclimated to a better time management routine. (Almost) No one is being removed because I don't like you or don't care about what you say.

    No one will stop being my friend if they don't want to. I'm simply going to be realistic with myself on how I react to most of these notifications. Being self critical, I've noticed that a large majority of notifications, I neither react nor reply to. This is not necessarily because I don't like it or don't like the person. Most often I simply have nothing to add or no reaction to give. I'm getting better with tech every day and gaining a lot of knowledge. But truthfully most of you are still way ahead of me. Many of you started loving tech in your early years and have a deep cultivated rich knowledge. I loved tech but never stopped to cultivate my learning in it until very recently. I'm 30 next year and I've only been working for an IT career for the last 3 years. So for many of you, you're simply beyond a point where I can respond to what you're talking about. Many of those I will be unfollowing for the time. Many of you have a lot of posts, but most of it is very blog like. Nothing wrong with this, but I don't typically respond much to this type of content. And even further some of you really have little content, like me. You mostly talk on other's content. There's a good many of you that I could fully keep track of just by following one person's content. 

    Don't get me wrong, when it comes to notifications I am a masochist. I relish having to go through dozens of pages of notifications and knowing that I gave everyone a little bit of my time and attention. Sadly I just don't have that much time anymore. And as much as I enjoy that rising number by my name, not being able to stop every few days and culling the notifications down is leaving me with a great deal of stress lately. I feel as if I'm abandoning a part of who I am, and I can't stop thinking about it. Combined with a new job, draining myself trying to be a salesman when I hate sales, dealing with a 4 month old who doesn't appeal to a good night's sleep, and the sheer exhaustion of life and my 10 hr shift plus 5 kids when I get home, it all leaves me just overwhelmed enough that school is on a side burner to everything else right now. For my sake and the sake of my family, that can no longer be the case. I've always been a procrastinator btu I'm kicking my own butt on this one and being forceful. To those of you I have to make a cut on, I apologize and assure you I have your name down and you will return to my follow list in 2-2.5 yrs of studies or earlier depending. Also to the notifications left behind, I will not be waiting weeks or months to answer anymore. I'm giving myself a time slot every day to do my stuff here on the forum. 

    also if anyone who got a temp cut has a status they want me to see for any reason, tag me, message me. I'll still be here for whoever needs me. The point of this is to focus my efforts where it matters instead on the hundreds of statuses I don't know enough about or have anything to say on.I will always answer any tags and messages no matter what.

    I've been typing this instead of doing hw, so to not be hypocritical, I'm heading off for now. Thank you to anyone who read this far and thank you for understanding. Goodnight

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    2. will4623


      goapher it!

    3. Silentprototipe


      Welp I saw this one quite late


      Good luck

    4. Jtalk4456


      @CircleTech I appreciate the sentiment but i'm not taking a break or leaving, just focusing my efforts more narrowly.

      to everyone, thanks for the patience and understanding

      @Rosss I'm adding you to the list when i'm done XD

  9. regardless of political affiliation, this is just funny


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    2. Gegger


      meanwhile on the ltt forum: [double posts intensify]



    3. ARikozuM


      There seems to be an issue with the ctrl+enter combo.

    4. Ashiella


      I'm in the state once called Tejas. @ARikozuM

  10. Zombie 👀

    1. Den-Fi


      He gets of on necroing statuses lol

    2. Jtalk4456
    3. veldora



      Zombie no idol baka

  11. image.png.933851871396a13823f305df0dbcdac9.png

    Welp here we go again...

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    2. Den-Fi


      Looks like a lot of it was countering @The Blackhat. So not exactly sarcastically, but not at all seriously.

      Once in a while, something posted here is truly informative though.

      Just not 252 times lol.

    3. LukeSavenije


      laughs nervously


    4. The Blackhat
  12. Nice to meet you Faith! Before I get into your actual question I want to say something about the forums and people you will talk with in case you have any trouble. If you go into any "troubleshooting" forum, you'll see a lot of people saying the problem without listing their computer specs, software involved, running conditions, etc. Basically, "my pc is broke, why" with no details. some people can be very detail minded individuals and come off a bit rash with their responses asking for details. You seem to have some good idea of everything you would be expected to in your position, but I just wanted to warn you for anytime you deal with questions like this that have a lot of vagueness or generalizations. For the most part though, if you put in as much detail as you can and behave in a mature manner (unlike some people around here XD) you should find a lot of great help from the community here. 1. Montana is a beautiful state, but I'm really not too sure of the IT base around there. I live near charlotte, nc which has a booming tech industry, so as soon as I finish my degree, I'm set. I have no clue if any of the areas around you have strong IT industries. If not, you would be trying to find a large company with a branch or headquarters near you, as any office building big enough will need networking, help desk, and security at the very least. Since I don't know the area, I found a list of large companies in Montana. https://www.zippia.com/advice/largest-companies-in-montana/ Hopefully you can use that to your advantage and find a foot in the door somewhere. 2. Don't worry about being new. I'm 30 next year, I have no degree (for now) and I have almost no real tech experience. I went to college for environmental studies, had no motivation, didn't finish, and went several years of my life just casually enjoying computers before it hit me that I could stop doing crappy factory jobs that I sucked at and do something I like. You're young and have plenty of time to learn everything. 3. The worst part about "liking tech" is that there's SOOOO many ways to go with it. Programming, project management, networking, security, artificial intelligence, hardware, electrical engineering, the list goes on and on and on. The best part about tech, is that just about everything has free and cheap training and resources and help somewhere online. Coding: Codeacademy.com Networking: Cisco Networking Academy Just pick a topic, and type it into google with "free training" and you'll be flooded with results. There's tons of free newsletters for each topic and on a forum like this, there's someone from every specialty messing around here. There are a few specialties I consider to be the main courses most people fall into: Programming, Networking, and Security. Most other specialties fall into one of these three or relate somehow. I suggest finding free training in each one and devote a month or two to each. Let the learning experience tell you which you are enthusiastic about. If one stands out, look at what the paths are and all the different sub-specialties. Also try a few smaller paths if you can, just to see. Here's where it gets good. Once you find an idea that you might enjoy doing, pick one of those big companies, call and ask to see if you can talk to one of their it people in that specialty. Put yourself out there and see if some IT guy at Company Co. will let you shadow him for a bit, just to see what the day to day experience. This will give you an idea of what you're dealing with and if you like it, this might be your eventual foot in the door somewhere. 4. There's enough gamers here to get you started XD There's also a bunch of hardware guys here if you have any questions at all. For most hardware, we have a tier list that will help guide you in getting good hardware. 5. The industry is getting more diverse each day, but it's still far behind where it should be. And maybe your place is not in the industry itself but another role like teaching tech in grade school to get more girls into the field. You can start local clubs for girls, etc. There's no shortage of ways to walk the path. 6. If you can, I say YES. Do all of the above. Do whatever you can. The downside of a technical field is that it's harder to stand out. In art, one artist can paint the same bowl of fruit as another, but one might be so good someone will pay money for it while the other artist gets a normal job and leaves art as a hobby. In tech, there's little "art" to it. there's only one way to plug an ethernet cable into the back of a server. And you won't be the only one who knows which hole to put it in. Communication and participation in everything you can will be the key to your success. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice. That help might be the difference between landing that job or settling for something else. Same goes here. Feel free to ask people here and make lots of friends. You'll likely absorb a good amount of information like I did when I came here over a year ago.
  13. 1. Cuz it serves no practical purpose and takes away from enjoying content, which is most of the reason people use phones these days. Heaven forbid someone calls someone with a phone after all... Also the front camera isn't used nearly as often as the back camera, so we're taking away from a main use of the phone for the sake of a side function, which isn't actually improved by the change anyways, only serves to bake bezels smaller. I mean it's not like bezels are there to keep us from accidentally dropping our thousand dollar chunks of slippery glass or something... 2. Content and applications are made to fit within rectangular spaces, not within the letter U or H. It's simply a matter of poor design and deceptive marketing. 3. In the top bezel like they did for the last 17 years without a single problem Ergo: It wasn't necessary, it doesn't improve anything, and it makes the product less useful for doing what most people do with their phones.
  14. 1. you asked for video showing it maintaining 60 or higher which all three videos show it maintaining for long periods of time. If you're not gonna accept the evidence because it's not showing it going at 100 fps, well then you don't understand how evidence and language and arguments work, which has been evident thus far. I can play minecraft on my current computer at 150-200 fps with ease, but if I walk past 3 creepers and they all explode, my rates will fall for a moment and then return to stable numbers. Just because it occasionally hits a lower number than 60 doesn't mean the rest of the time it's unstable. This is just basic critical thinking. Also I never made any claims on the online performance, which is more than a "little" bit more demanding. This is you again making claims that were never made and using these false statements to evaluate our argument. 2. I'd laugh but it's actually quite sad how little perspective you hold without making claims that we said it would do this or that at this exact fps with these exact conditions, never once dropping even for a second like every other game in existence. You seem to lack basic critical thinking skills on comparing objects fairly. 3. More claims that no one ever said you'd see, but we're somehow wrong cuz you claimed we claimed it and we have no evidence of the unrealistic standard that you said we said it could acheive. 4. There was no quick succession generalization, this was simply a comment that didn't line up with your opinion, so you took personal offence to it and lashed back with insult instead of reasoned thinking, as you did for most everyone who commented on this. Also speaking of a lack orf reasoned thinking, I see you could come up with no explanation or rebuttal for how a dislike of your attitude is a political belief. As a matter of fact you barely responded to any of what I said, and when you did respond, you responded to claims I didn't make and arguments I didn't make. I never said the videos showed it running perfect never dropping for even a second below 60 fps. "While I doubt it would have helped much since people can neither read nor watch videos", yet somehow you don't read or watch either based on how you respond. 5. Yep calm and collected. 6. You're right that didn't happen. People responded normally and you didn't thank them for answering your question like you asked them to do. Not. At. All. 7. Not sure what "kit kat" images are unless you're talking pictures of candy bars, but I don't really care either. putting quotations around something without any provided evidence of your accusations doesn't make you right or any of us wrong. Also using the often wasteland that is Youtube comments as an argument against a group of people on a forum is a ridiculous generalization on your part, something you seem to be accusing others of. 8. I'm not an expert on benchmarking or motherboards or bios settings. I don't honestly suspect you are either after this trainwreck of a conversation. Having said that, you're trying to tell everyone here that the way things are being done sucks. any feedback you get (remember you asked a question, meaning you wanted a response) has been met with dismissal, generalizations, false accusations, and generally rude responses. So let's try this. YOU make a youtube channel or other media form where YOU discuss these topics the way YOU want to. If you get followers, they will be evidence to YOU that someone IS interested in doing things the way YOU want them done. Then YOU can stop ridiculing people for commenting on a topic YOU asked them to comment on and YOU can enjoy YOUR own echo chamber where YOUR followers just say that YOUR way is perfect . What I'm saying is: Put your effort where your mouth is, show us how it's done. We've provided evidence to the contrary of your argument. You've ignored and dismissed it because it does not meet your otherworldly expectations of perfection, but you have yet to provide a lick of evidence to your argument, only opinion and stated "facts" with no supporting evidence. So instead of trolling and starting flamewars with strangers on a forum, how about you fix the problem you see by doing it your way on your own channel. And if you provide quality reasoning, evidence, and make good content, we'll come watch. 9. For a guy starting a company from scratch with no startup capital and employing many people and taking care of said employees, making sure to provide them all the best tools and equipment and even an entire lan gaming center as you so frequently mentioned, yes making money is important. Quite a shocker I suppose that something as simple as posting a link in a description is easier than meeting your specific beliefs of what technology reviewing media should be. 10. Have fun responding to only half of this or less like you did last time. I will not be wasting anymore time trying to explain basic critical thinking skills to you or diving down to the level of non-productive banter you enjoy. Have an excellent day.