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    I was born years ago on a brisk fall morning in a small town. The leaves were dancing in the air and I was busy making stuff up for a social media bio that few will read and fewer will care about.
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    Part Time Staples Easy Tech, Full Time Call Center for Nike.com


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    4th genereation i5
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    Samsung TV 43"
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    Some wierd offbrand I found on amazon that is ultra gamery with the RGB
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    Came with the wierd keyboard, not sure of model number
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    tv sound for now, saving up for real speakers
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    win 10

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  1. You can get in the drivers seat, set your destination, keep a watch and get there with little to no intervention. Which means no problem with the tablet interface and safety.
  2. But it IS capable of autonomous driving... so my point still remains
  3. Exactly, because there's not enough incentive yet. As I said before: Sometimes you have to build the product first and the need comes after, just to make it happen
  4. Your thread must include some original input to tell the reader why it is relevant to them, and what your personal opinion on the topic is. This needs to be MORE than just a quick, single comment to meet the posting guidelines.
  5. I think you missed my point... With the future of fully autonomous vehicles, you won't be looking at the road, so a tablet control is fine
  6. Tales from the IT trenches

    Final Lesson: If you ever wonder why sites are going bankrupt the government is so badly in debt and still needs to raise taxes just to handle stuff you don't even want, it's due to shit like this.
  7. So on the remark of being different for the sake of being different, this is definitely a problem, though when you refer to tesla specifically, I think you're missing something. The leaf and prius and other electric cars are just normal cars but with electric motor. So they felt they had to make it stand out to be worth the extra money. Tesla on the other hand is not just focusing on the car. They are seeing the larger picture, a systematic change. I assume your gripe with the new tesla is the tablet controls. Using like a normal car, I can certainly agree this doesn't work well. But in the case of autonomous driving it makes sense. Musk realizes we are heading to fully autonomous and is getting ready early. Does it fit our current driving style, not really. In a way Tesla is like Apple. He does something we're not ready for yet (headphone jack) knowing we'll eventually all be using autonomous driving (bluetooth headphones). And the industry see's him innovating and no matter how slowly, they will follow suit. And the more of these future proof cars are on the road, the more incentive there will be to start building the infrastructure that will make this all work
  8. currently burning a win xp iso to an 8 GB flash drive because that's the smallest flash drive i have, then attempting to fix a panasonic toughbook with a registry or boot error... What has my life become?

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    2. Windows7ge


      The Resurrecter of Hardware Antiques.


      I'd be happy knowing this title described my life.

    3. Ryujin2003
    4. Jtalk4456


      and the bios doesn't have the option to boot from usb... Time to look through all my old cd's for xp discs

  9. @Radium_Angel said it first, sorry
  10. just did an IKM technical support win 7/8 assessment for a job

    Just got the results. I'll be back in a few minutes, wish me luck.

    I mean i already took the test, but yeah... 

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    2. Some Random Member

      Some Random Member

      Hey, thats pretty good.

    3. Jtalk4456


      it's better than I expected, and apparently they only require a 70

    4. Tech_Dreamer
  11. Mumu

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    2. aki adaki

      aki adaki

      No, not really I was just mooing 

    3. Jtalk4456


      oh ok then

      Image result for chick fil a cow billboards

      This kind of moo?

    4. aki adaki

      aki adaki


  12. Show off your setup!

    nice background
  13. Career advice

    Exactly why i said do it during school. supplement what you're learning in class with what you want to learn and that will help you decide what you like quicker and avoid unneeded debt
  14. My Case Recommendation http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mid-tower/masterbox-mb600l/ part picker says it's $50 on newegg
  15. Do you want to start your own business someday?

    I certainly intend to move to higher pastures, but I need the experience for my resume, I'm not focusing on the money