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  1. Hello everybody. I'm dropping in again for the first time in a long time. I know this is slightly older than what's generally found in this thread, being socket 771 based- but I just got it working last night. After installing windows updates all night, its scored mind 1200s in Cinebench R20. Its a pretty neat system. I'm going to be using it for tethered Lightroom shooting, and running Cura for tethered 3D printing with my Ender 5+. Specs: 2x Xeon X5460 @ stock clocks 12GB of Fully Buffered 667 Mhz DDR2 MSI GTS 450 (hopefully upgrade to an RX480 after a bios update) Windows 8.1 Pro (this just happened to be the first install disk I found)
  2. owner of gen 4 LS vehicle. DOD deleted. Runs fucking mint after getting rid of the cyl deactivation. With an upgraded cam and a leveling kit, the average fuel economy went from 14.4 to 14.3. Screw that noise. Made it 226,000 before having an AFM lifter fail. The updated valve cover for sure helped with oil consumption.
  3. This is true. My own personal taste has also always just found extra cabs more pleasing to the eye. Just think it looks better
  4. Why would anybody want a single cab? Do you guys just never have a bag to carry around with you?
  5. I had a drop in K&N filter in my S10 and it made the engine sound different but I wasn’t too impressed. On my tahoe I’m going to either going get a new high capacity wix paper filter, or a dry Air Raid filter. I won’t be doing a ‘cold’ air intake, but Air Raid does sell a higher flowing tube that goes in between the throttle body and stock filter housing- so that’s my plan.
  6. I love the AT2s. I’m running 305/50/20. I think the Ridge Grappler will be my next set though in that same size. But i have more research to do.
  7. I’m considering a set of those Nitto ‘hybrid’ tires next on the Tahoe. My tire shop of choise isn’t stocking the Toyo AT2s anymore. They can still order them but don’t stock them anymore.
  8. I’d imagine they’re great for race engines that have a shorter life expectancy. Not sure how long the coating is supposed to hold up.
  9. I haven’t done any internal engine work myself but here’s why- top bearing sees a lot more pressure than the bottom bearing. Bottom bearing is only under load pushing the piston/rod back up- peak load for that bearing being the comression stroke. Top bearing has to deal with the combustion stroke and the assotiated immense pressure of that explosion. I’m curious as to what effect the coating will have. I’ve never much liked the idea of coatings because they wear off, but it is still cool to see. If they start spinning that engine real fast I bet hes gonna put the coated bearing on bottom too.
  10. My S10 spent its entire life at the coast. 0 rust. Same with Dad’s 98 F150. Its also rust free.
  11. Rain does not cause rust. Salt causes rust. We live in oregon and theres rust free cars from the 70s rolling around.
  12. bruh if the rust is that bad- get something else. Maybe the trailblazer if its got a 5.3