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  1. I have bulbs burning out in my S10. The window buttons are out, and two on the hvac knobs are out. Eventually I’ll fix them.
  2. Briansmobile1 actually has a video about their oil to coolant oil cooler design. It sits between the block and oil filter and the o ring on it likes to give out over time on the fun models.
  3. I swear you’re living the American Dream. You have a boat to drink on, a fast Ford, and a dank ass garage. How dank is that garage? Your paper towel dispenser is blue shop rags. You’ve really arrived when you put the blue shop rag roll on the paper towel dispenser.
  4. Think I’d get a warning point if I set my member title to a swastika ninja throwing star?
  5. And thats going away after ‘18 model year
  6. I can never decide if I like your gen suburban or the 08-13 suburbans more