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    American Capitalist
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    Xeon E5-2660 v1 ES
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    Asus P9X79
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    24GB of DDR3 CL9
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    2x Refrence 290X in CrossFireX
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    Define R5 Titanium Windowed
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    240GB OWC Mercury Electra; HGST 2TB
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    Primary: Dell Ultrasharp S2240M 1920x1080 | Secondary: Gateway FPD1975W 1440x900 16:10
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    MZXT Kraken X42 RGB
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    Corsair K70 (for now)
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Rocnation Aviators; Blue Snowball iCE
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    Windows 10 Pro

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    I'm a 17 Year old guy that likes most things computer related. I live in Oregon in America. Love hanging out with my friends and going to LAN parties and airsofting. I also enjoy talking about cars and trucks.
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    I process corn.

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  1. When the time comes to drop a v8 in the s10, i'll check compression on mine. I've never checked it before and been running a kn filter for... 30k?
  2. It would take longer to spool and you'd loose a ton of throttle response and probably mpg but you could still make the power.
  3. On the 7.3 powerstrokes it was semi popular to delet the airbox and run a semi or a tractor cylinder filter. They're paper and super heavy duty. You can run them for a super long time and blow them out with an air compressor. I wouldn't do that on a gasser though. You'd choke it even if it was turbo'd i think.
  4. Train has zero fucks to give about downed trees
  5. Case V-Card / Your First Case

    Just kind of shitty. Not enough room for cables behind the tray, front intakes are too restriced by the hard drive cage if you have it in the default position, flipped the other way the drives will hit full size gpus, dust filters are a bitch and a half to clean, and CM 200mm fans aren't super great and have a lot of runout.
  6. @techswede stock turbo on the 6.0 PSD. oil cooled VGT... I want to say 54mm? 58?
  7. Case V-Card / Your First Case

    HAF 912. So many regerts.
  8. Get on my level. 15,300 km. I did loose one dominoes room card though. This drive so relaxing it could put you to sleep
  9. Wait, you mean to tell me, that being a finically responsible adult involves not making impulse purchases?!
  10. ring ding ding ding dingdingdingdingding eling *ding* ding ding ding sputter ding ding ding ding BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA