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    NZXT Kraken X42 RGB <- don't buy these
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  1. This guy clearly didn't read the wikihow on stealing street signs.
  2. HD 6670 Overclocking.

    Did checking it give you more slider?
  3. Really you're just lining up for the cones closest to the camera because its secretly rallycross.
  4. I looked at the spreadsheet of compatible ram and bought the 8gb G skill kit that was on it, IIRC its 2133 mhz
  5. Oooof that aint good. I just got two of their B350 boards in today. Reeeeeeaaaaaaally hoping they work for what I need them for. The two Asrock boards we got first got fucked in the warehouse before they left Newegg but they sent them out anyway. So I got on the horn with them, they were gonna just ship two more out, but they were out of stock, so we exchanged them for these MSI boards, and it sounds like I might be SOL this weekend when I put the systems together if MSI is having issues with Ryzen.
  6. HD 6670 Overclocking.

    in MSI afterburner, in settings, have you ticked the box for something along the lines of "extend official overclocking limits"
  7. a gap between cooler and cpu

    AFAIK most if not all coolers have mounting hardware that is set up in such a way, that you'll be screwing the fasteners down, and the threads will bottom out before anything is over torqued.

    Or like a GPS. If you want the new maps its a $90 fee. But with cars it could be mandatory to have the newest software for registration or insurance , and that will be a $200+ charge.
  9. It looks like its trynna have a rocketbunny kit stock
  10. Porsche brought back the manual option for the GT3 didn't they?
  11. I would very much like to get lowering springs+leafs