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  1. A news outlet was running a story about anonymous hacking something, and thought 4chan was someone's name.
  2. You're now on the same level as that hacker guy 4chan. How's it feel to have contributed to society?
  3. Thats what I would like to do. Need to figure out what the best option for shocks is, what rubber its going to get, etc. Need to get it running and driving first. Woo. Need to get it home first.
  4. What tires should we put on it? It takes 235/75/15 but i wouldn't mind something wider. Don't know how wide the stock rims are. I was thinking a set of Toyo AT2s but thats not really what the car is for...
  5. I doubt I'll even be able to find some but they won't hurt the ride. Just make it not corner on its door handles. Pretty sure it needs shocks. You push on the fender and can watch it twerk for a few reciprocations. Ugh. We'll see.
  6. Doubt it. They weren't using asbestos pads in the 90s though and given that the tags were good unitl 2000. It could be but I'm not worried. Looks like fiberglass.
  7. Yeah. Have to pour some oil in the cylinders and try to rotate the engine. Then put a battery in it. Then we'll pour some fresh gas in it and try to start it. I would like to get rid of that insulation on the hood because its haggerd and falling off in places. I don't know what you would change on it other than a cam and an exhaust.
  8. Yeah. And its a convertable. So its not very ideal. Its also so much bigger than i thought it was. I knew it would be big but not quite as long as it is given that its a two door. Well yeah but it would be just like a little pepper on top. Although i would like to change it to a clutch fan. Instead of the dump truck fan on there now. Thats the one thing I don't like about it.
  9. Don't know if it runs, don't know if it needs a tranny oh thats the other thing. New tranny fluid and filter. Pretty much the plan. Maybe an exhaust. Maybe a cam. Need to figure out why the drivers seat is all fucky.
  10. Naw. Wouldn't be worth it. I'd love to turn it into a drift car but really its in too good of shape. Found out its got 31,000 on it, but the odometer is only 5 digits. So it could be 31k or 331k. So for a drift car it would need a manual swap, but these never came in manual, so you'd be completly on your own. Not mine, its my grandads. Got it for a thousand.
  11. Completly unrelated but the caddy engine with a pad lock for scale
  12. I will. Thats the first thing we're gonna do. Wash and wax. We need to pour some oil in the cylinders so that can run down for a few days. Needs new tires. Needs a battery, needs valve cover bolts, plug wires need to be put back on, and probably needs new coolant. Oil change is in order. Just all the maintance items need to be done. Hell the padded vinyl hard top is even in okay shape. Just needs one of those conditioning treatment things to bring it back. Hard top seals probably need to be replaced though. Will know more once we get it out of there. Nope. I picked up on it. I love horrible puns.