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  1. I saw some other forum post and the person said that with optimus specifically VR and G-SYNC dont work with it. "It’s called NVIDIA Optimus and it has existed for quite a while now. There are still some applications that don’t work well with this, and there are also certain technologies supported by the NVIDIA GPU but not the Intel GPU that consequently don’t work with this “Intel passthrough” setup (VR and G-Sync to name two), but unless you need those technologies or are using a problematic application, you should be fine." This is what they said.
  2. I just wanted to know if I could find someone to change the graphics that my USB-C port is linked to on my laptop. I want to use the Oculus Rift S on it and just wanna know if someone would even be able to open it up and change the USB-C port to be linked to my graphics card and not the intel graphics.