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  1. Quite server rack mount case

    I have my custom built 4U server and it's just as quiet as a tower. Buy yourself a 4U case and rip those enterprise-grade fans out and get some noctua(s) instead. Planning to put my next main rig build in a rackmount and build a nice 12U rackmount cabinet under my desk. Make sure you look for a case that takes ATX power supplies it will save you the noise, pain and price of enterprise-grade power supplies. Need any help planning a build message me and i'll be happy to help! Good luck with your project!
  2. Best RAID option for 4 1tb drives?

    I couldn't find a Linus video about ZFS.. Hope this explains the whole RAID concept.
  3. Best RAID option for 4 1tb drives?

    Honestly, I recommend ZFS to everyone as it is truly amazing but if you're looking for a RAID I'd probably go with RAID 5.
  4. Overclocking Monitor

    I have 2 GL2760H monitor's and the most I can push is 72 without shit getting mental.
  5. Why in hell are EarPods so expensive??!!

    This point is the most obvious but I'd also like to say point 2 and 3 are also very valid
  6. Anyone edit photos off a NAS over WiFi?

    I use my NAS for my storage only, I often copy my SD card to a folder on my editing pc and then once I'm finished, I put them on my NAS and upload jpegs to my google photos. Guess you need to find the right workflow that suits your style. Any question just quote me and I'll get back to you.
  7. This has always been a controversial topic but honestly, I'm glad something like this had been conducted. But also mentioned was this study was not aimed at children and young teenagers only at adults Source: https://www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/2018/research/no-evidence-to-link-violence-and-video-games/
  8. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    You're on a tech enthusiast forum, not a sheep forum. Also because mainly the price added on for brand recognition... Don't get me wrong Apple is amazing if you're tightly engaged with their ecosystem (iPad,iPhone,iMac, MacBook etc) the experience is something you will be amazed by. But for the general consumer its windows laptops, PC's and an iPhone / Android
  9. Run .php in background ? [JavaScript]

    So this should be simple for you web coders out there. How do I get this code / equivalent to run in the background of the webpage without a new window opening? function strobe_submit() { window.alert("Speed: " + speed_final + " Time: " + time_final); window.open("/strobe.php?time=" + time_final + "&speed=" + speed_final, '_blank'); } SOLUTION: function strobe_submit() { window.alert("Speed: " + speed_final + " Time: " + time_final); // USed for debug var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlhttp.open("GET", "/strobe.php?time=" + time_final + "&speed=" + speed_final, true); xmlhttp.send(); } Thanks, Kie.
  10. Yeah, 2 years is definitely enough to kill a battery, Most Li-ion batteries have a common life cycle of 400 - 600 cycles (Full charge/discharge) and then they start to lose capacity. Most modern chargers aren't designed to handle the full power load of a laptop without a battery (Unless it has desktop grade components). I would recommend; New Battery - Full capacity and the ability to supply the laptop with the current it requires. Windows and Linux support generating a report on current battery capacity vs design spec(Search "How to check laptop battery health/capacity"). New Charger - Non-original chargers are common for falling short on the amperes which can affect performance (CPU/GPU Utilisation and Charging speed.). Other things to try would be checking your power plan options and cooling. Dust build up can result in thermal throttling and reduced performance. Best of luck fixing your problem any questions just ask.
  11. Asus X99 Deluxe II - PEICE OF $hi%

    Yeah, finding a good motherboard manufacturer these days is difficult. My original MSI X79-GD65 8D blew up, did windows update restarted and the VRM area of the board had blown caps and MOSFETs everywhere. Called MSI sent it off got a replacement and that replacement isn't 100% onboard SATA controller dies randomly about twice a week. (PCIe SATA controllers ftw) Been looking at buying an old X79 board but the prices are through the roof (£700 for an Asus X79 WTF?!). Going to buy a generic intel board and put that platform in my home server and then my next build will be on the Ryzen platform. Either going to ASRock or Gigabyte next build.
  12. Just download the dedicated Virtualbox image from the kali website...
  13. Good Free 8k Video Player?

    I would recommend K-Light Codec pack! Would help out a bunch. Use either Media Player Classic (included and configured with K-Lite) or any media player of your choice. Other things to keep in mind, make sure that hardware acceleration is enabled in the settings of your media player. VLC does also support GPU acceleration if you were wondering.
  14. Can a Pentium run a plex server?

    You need to remember that Direct Play by Plex does not require transcoding (Most common for Smart TV's and Mobile Devices). My dual core server idles at 2% usage when streaming Planet Earth II @ 4K to my PC. You should look into if you are going to use Direct Play. More Info on Direct Play: Direct Play and Direct Stream
  15. Modded SLI! A budget builders last resort?

    This is the thing I hate with people these days, no one really wants to get into modding or tweaking their gear. People just except if it doesn't work or isn't supported then it stays like that, no one will go out of their way to try and fix something or mod something too work. Of course modding SLI is going to have difficulties but it makes me happy that at least people are trying to get things to work or having fun with modding PC parts.