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  1. All_Blunt

    Video help

    No no but nearly wet sloths are
  2. All_Blunt

    Video help

    I have mad a YouTube channel and have finally made my first video, I plan to make another at the weekend but don't know what to make it on, some ideas would be very useful.
  3. All_Blunt


    I've finally found something I'll leave a link if someone can check http://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/164419-6-tailed-rj45-lju-socket-secondary-adaptor
  4. All_Blunt


    It has a phone to modem connector as bt is a phone and internet ips in the U.K.
  5. All_Blunt


    I recently built a pc and I want to connect my pc wired, so I bought and Ethernet cable and I found out my connector is wrong in the wall. I have a female BT end and with an adapter to an rj11 I think where as my cable is an rj45 I don't want to make a new socket in the wall so can change the BT socket to an rj45 or can I get an rj11 to rj45 adapter, although I've not seen one.
  6. If anyone has any suggestions for my videos I would appreciate it thank you.