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  1. and not just one game , I personally i'm a fighting game enthusiast, so a ps3/ps4 means i have the ability to buy any fighting game i wish, pc your pretty much stuck with ultra street fighter IV and theres never any guarantees unlike a PlayStation.
  2. having experienced both systems just go for the xbox one if thats his preference, while the ps4 does have a little exstra in the gpu tank , its not a night and day difference.
  3. i don't get why every single thread in this forum needs to be a pc gaming sales pitch, its obnoxious.
  4. the crash only happened in north america , in japan and europe most people played on computers and not games consoles.
  5. you can , you just activate via phone , i've done it a million times.
  6. Windows 7 support ends January 14, 2020 , and windows 8.1 support ends January 10, 2023 , i wouldn't worry about waiting.
  7. so is direct X 12 going to be like what happened with DX 10? , becuse theres no chance in hell any games developer is going to make a game thats unsupported by windows 7/
  8. I feel like we're past the point were processing power is holding video games back from a design point of view , i can remember when wrestling games couldn't handle more than 4 characters playable at once, or fighting game sprites being scaled back compared to the arcades with fewer animation frames , or racing games being limited to so many cars on the track. crysis 3 on pc vs crysis 3 on xbox 360 , the visuals are amazing on pc , but its still the same game. when it comes to consoles its not all about cost to performance either , the biggest draw back with computers is the interface , the pc for proper gaming requires you to run windows , which is way more powerful than you need for a system that sits under your tv in the living room, then you have the problem with some games requiring a keyboard and mouse as there inputs.
  9. The white one looks pretty nice , but i've not seen it in person.
  10. Intel utterly humiliates amd processers in WoW, single thread performance is king in that game.
  11. http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2014/09/15/who-cares-if-ps4-and-xbox-one-are-out-of-date/
  12. back in the day when pc ment you could enjoy games like doom , duke nukem , and later quake and unreal tournament , that was a hugh deal , these days its just some better grafics , the gameplays still the same. only when a console is holding back game design is when it becomes a real problem , crysis 3 at 4K at ultra or 720P on medium is still the same game.