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  1. So I got four slots with only two sticks equiped. If I double up to 32GB the bandwith stays the same, only the capacity goes up do I get that right?
  2. Hey ltt fanboys & -girls, I was looking for a z270 motherboard for 7700k with quad channel memory and i've found even the top of the line ASRock Z270 SuperCarrier only supports dual channel. So is the platform limited to that or have I missed a board? Thanks for the help! :)
  3. Stuff like GTA5, Borderlands, Dying Light, Battlefield, CoD, Metro.. All right. Thanks again!!
  4. The descriptions says 2133mhz and I tried turning on xmp without an effect. Those are corsair vengeance sticks so maybe there is some oc potential but for sure not up to 3200mhz. https://www.alternate.de/Corsair/DIMM-16GB-DDR4-2133-Kit-Arbeitsspeicher/html/product/1216650? So do you thinks it would make a noticable difference @jstudrawa & @Zando Bob ?
  5. Thanks for the help! ? @Admins you can close this thread I guess.
  6. Can you tell me why? Don't games take an advantage out of quad channel?
  7. Right now 8Gb each, I would upgrade to 16gB quad.
  8. Hi ltt com! I recently upgraded from an i5-6700k to an i7-7700k on a z270 mb. At the moment there is a pair of 2133mhz ddr4 sticks in there and i wonder if that, combined with a gtx1080ti, bottlenecks the system. I have to mention, I only use it for gaming but an average improvement of 15fps+ would lead me to consider upgrading. Thanks for your advice!! SuperCuber