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  1. havent seen one when it have happend. if its happend again i gonna try to focus more to look after the stop code.
  2. usually its just freeze and when its a blue screen its just something that its trying to see whats the problem is and loading then restart.
  3. the closest to overclock is the xmp that i have on but the crashes happends sometimes evan when the cpu dont have the xmp on.
  4. I got this specs I5 6600k , have the xmp mode onAsus Z170i PROEVGA gtx 1070 superclockedCorsair Vengeance LP 16GB 2x8 GB 3000MhzCorsair SF600Samsung EVO 840 och 850 and the pc is getting blue screen or it freeze( often its that the pc freeze). Have test memtest64 and the ram shoudent be the problem but its freeze the most when the ram is going 3000 Mhz. the cpu and gpu is 30 c idle and in full load the cpu is around 60-70c( is the temps good for being watercooled) and gpu 57 c. I have custom loop with 2 ek 240 se rads and a d5 pump. what can the problem be?
  5. Hello, this i my manta build ``Projekt Pink Manta´´ that i have build and done some mod to. The mods i have done is to cut so the reservoir fits where i wanted and so one tube can go down under the psu cover. Did paint some parts like the ssd´s and some details on the case. Maybe gonna try to fix so some of the bends get more straight and looks better. Still thinking about to do something with the top panel on the case so more air can come out from the top. The Specs are I5 6600k ASUS Z170I PRO EVGA GTX 1070 SC Corsair SF600 Corsair 16 GB Ram Samsung EVO 840 and 850, 250 gb Alphacool Eisbecher D5 150mm Plexi Reservoir All the other watercooling parts are EK NoiseBlocker NB-eLoop B12