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  1. I had to do a google search on fubar. I didn't know what the word meant. Found out fubar is not a word but a local slang word for the F word.
  2. Why are you blaming Version? The Fire Dept is just like any other customer. Version is set up to offer services to a family and not 500 911 operators. Each operator should be billed 1 unlimited services and the Fire Dept should pay that bill. The Fire Dept is actually stealing services from a private for-profit company. By Law the Fire Dept have to have dependable 911 service and they trying to make a company provide this service T
  3. Unter HTML5 they are trying to stop using tables. Table element is no longer supported. They want you to use CSS 3.0 now. Bootstrap is a good place to start. The classes are actually pretty good. Don't need to write any css code Tables will not work on mobile devices very well
  4. What is float plane? I signed up like 2 months ago and today it asks to confirm my email. Which I did. I went to the website and it ask if I would like a basic subscription for $3.00 a month and says nothing else. I'm not about to give someone $3.00 a month until I know what I'm purchasing. You need to provide at least the very basic information on what you want the $3.00 for.
  5. This will be good for a Teckquicky video. They always looking for topics to discuss. I came across this while researching Engineering Disasters
  6. Can do a video on aluminum whiskers and computer part's break down and the industries decision in the 80's to take out the lead from aluminum and that cause a complete breakdown of 3 days lost of pager, phone communication, ATM failures and bank failures in the 80's because of an aluminum whiskers on the G4 satellite. I came across the aluminum whiskers problem while researching something else.
  7. You can liquefy any metal with the right temperatures. Don't buy the heat pipes. Make the heat pipes yourself or use a plumbers pipe bender. By making a mold for the heat pipes you can get the length and shape of the heat pipe perfectly
  8. I just watch a Youtube video that was created in 17-07-2018. I have a great idea on a follow-up video. Get this post to the right person, please. Our best effort still SUCKS - Sketchy Heatsinks 3
  9. What is a WPD Filesystem Volume Driver? What does it do? My USB flash drives appear to be working. I went to Google to find a solution. The help articles said to uninstall and then reboot. That's what I did. Still, have the problem. Windows 10 Pro 64bit seems to be working fine, but the O/S keeps giving me this report that WPD Filesystem Volume Driver is not working.
  10. I have an Asus RT-ACRH13 router and a Synology DS-412 NAS Server that might be vulnerable.
  11. Your Wi-fi and NAS Server are not safe. Follow the hyperlink provided below to read about the hack and how to remove the VPN hack from your system Russians Hack Wi-Fi Routers: What to Do Right Now
  12. Lol I went to that course website and looked at and then filled out that form. Basic security 101. It asked for my middle name and wouldn't proceed until I gave it. So I didn't fill out the form
  13. Gofer01


    Video version Mount Drive.mp4
  14. Gofer01


    Go to Control panel, Click on Administration icon, and then Management tool. scroll down to storage. You will see a blank drive. Right click on that drive mount it and then format it
  15. One real simple question. Can this M-SATA pci-e device can be a boot up drive for Win 7 or Win 8.1 O/S?
  16. Couldn't even come close to watching the presentation. The video i.e. the camera stunk. I wouldn't be complaing if I could see clearly what the presenter trying to do.
  17. The camera was find at first. I have no clue why he didn't go to screen capture mode. He couldn't afford to purchase a $40.00 screen capture utility? Maybe the utility can't go to 3840X2160. I happy with my 1920X1080 HD on my BenQ VA 27" monitor.
  18. That a bunch of crap. everyone make syntax errors. End of story If you ever went to a big conference like in San Diego Los Vegas, or New York. In a session there might be 1500 people or more. I guarantee the presenter on that stage will make some type of syntax error. Even the author of node.js a very quiet and unusual man made mistakes in his presentation and he that the creator of that JavaScript library. If you were handed a project for a example the CMS called DNN. Your job will be redesigning the skin. No text editor like notepad++ or an editor in that family will ever come close in assisting you in modifying the thousands lines of code that you be overwhelm with.
  19. What's so great about sublime 2? It just like notepad++.I just downloaded that program and look at it. Both of those program are junk when you are under pressure to get your part of the project done. If I was your supervisor and you are getting paid $90,000.00 a year. I will force you to use a real IDE. You will not hold me or your team back. We get paid to produce. and not mess around a mickey mouse program that will not tell you if you made a syntax error and have to spend hours trying to find that error.
  20. Your boot-up time should be lots faster than that. It take about 3 seconds to boot though the bios, and almost instantly you will see the window logo about 2 seconds later you will have full access to the log in system. Of course I have fast boot on in the bios
  21. I created a website from a powerpoint presentation. There is a 30 sec video and a 5 question fake quiz. Anyone can go and take the exam and ask a fake question at the lower right hand corner I want to see if the quiz and question module works. If everything works you get an e-mail giving you the results of your quiz. Use a nick name but a real e-mail address Thanks in the advance http://msws.us/
  22. I think I read a article about 3 weeks ago saying 9 out of 10 people doesn't create 3D art work in Photoshop. I have no clue where I read the article so I can't post the URL
  23. You be surprise on what India is exporting in the coding arena. Well China has allot of educated high tech personal. Their federal government is preventing the trained personnel in using their knowledge outside the their country China. Very frankly, U.S. can't keep up with China. They are producing better educated people at the high school, and college level.