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  1. I recently did a 3900x build in a sg13 case. Modded the case to mount the PSU up front on the hard drive tray so I could put a u12a in it (bent a few fins putting it in). Not the same layout as Linus. I have it pulling in air through the back then venting out the front. Tight fit but runs pretty cool for me. Stress test with prime95 saw low 70s. With a few spikes up toward 80 (working on figuring out my fan curves still). I also cut out the back a bit to fit another case fan and also modded the bottom to add a bottom intake. Decided I didn't need to add the back intake. Bottom intake is in place but not plugged in yet cause I ran out of fan headers. Figure it will give me some airflow over my m.2 NVME drive that is on the back of the mobo.
  2. I would love to see you guys add an external GPU testing section/ segment. When a laptop has thunderbolt ports. I'm curious what the performance increase is. I'm looking toward a use case where I could use this to take notes and do work stuff, then plug into a external GPU setup with another monitor at home.
  3. Seems like a useless product to me. Even if you need to send a HDMI signal 2 miles. Even using Ethernet seems like a bad idea to me. Say your Ethernet wire cost 5 cents per foot at two miles your looking at ~$528.00, another $300 for the transmitter, the receiver. and then the time and work needed to trench / run a 2 mile long cable. So total cost of over $800+ not counting the work for the 2 mile wire run. Would be way cheaper and faster to buy an HDMI to IP Ethernet adapter then use a wireless bridge from Ubiquiti that has 9 mile (15 km+) range or more depending on which product. Same company makes the HD-Link HL13 HDMI to TCP/IP https://sewelldirect.com/hd-link-pro-by-sewell-hdmi-over-single-cat5-extender-1080p-330-ft- $90 With an Ubiquiti PowerBeam ac Gen2 (Which Ubiquiti site says has a 25+ km or 15 mile range.) http://a.co/jhvAwE4 $120 $90 for the HDMI to TCP/IP converter + $240 for the wireless bridge. Total cost $330 and no need to trench / run a wire 2 miles. Or cut out the HDMI converter all together. Do a wireless bridge with a cheap NUC pc. Then upload your video or ad (for digital signage as Linus talked about) Playing off the NUC to get clearer less compressed video on the other end. Would probably still be cheaper then running a 2 mile wire.
  4. Small correction its 4.8 turbo boost not 4.7. Excited to see what the next generation i9 10+ nm CPUs will be like.
  5. I'm more interested in the new i9 - 8950hk laptops coming soon with 6 core and 4.8 Ghz turbo boost speeds. Also, wonder what the next generation of i9 laptop CPUs is going to be like. Really excited to see what 10+ nm Icelake and next gen of Nvidia bring to the laptop market. Hope I'll be able to replace my desktop with a laptop soon.
  6. I would assume its probably hooked up like this. First the Main circuit which the UPS plugs into then a power squid then a surge protector then the server. Main circuit > UPS > Power Squid > Surge Protectors > Servers (other rack gear). Basically its probably not setup as UPS connected directly to the servers. I would assume due to the possible risk of the UPS its self causing some kind of power surge problem and or the need to split the UPS to power multiple servers / switches. So when he steps on the Stanley power squid switch. https://i.gyazo.com/56095a00c885c92dce8158e0a81fb38c.jpg He lost power to the surge protectors and servers. Think he should be using a rack mounted solution of some kind like this. https://i.gyazo.com/704048f493ecf45943d6027464659621.png That way there isn't cords all over the ground and no switches to accidentally turn off the power supply.
  7. hmm alright I'll wait and see. The current solution of using what ever that red tape is to tape a filter loosely to the door doesn't seem to be working well. Can already see the dust collecting on everything in the room from the watercooler server build video and its only been about a week since they cleaned it. https://i.gyazo.com/f9912339985903d08f5342ab2987062b.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/2a14706164fbe4526fd03aed587dfaff.png I mean the whole side of the rack is still open. https://i.gyazo.com/7a250f75b8a7225f87d37b8149841a9e.png Could make another video out of it and get a whole vent system with a HEPA filter installed.
  8. Instead of just using a passive approach of dust filters on the cabinet / rack. (I assume from the clips in the video) Why not add a HEPA air filter to the room to more actively remove and clean the dust from the air?