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    HyperX KHX318C9SRK4/32 - 32GB DDR3-1866 CL9
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  1. Oi man, listen 1. I have no idea why this card is cheap, but out here where i live it is not that cheap. 2. I have a Gainward GTX 670 Phantom series, and i have it over 3 years now, still runs strong, Gainward has good cards, and QC is good. 3. The problem here is that it uses the "blower" style cooler, now if this was Asus i would say go for it, but in the past ( geforce 600, 700 era ) Gainwards blower coolers were noisy and showed signs of coil whine, i don't know know about the newer stuff. 4. If you are planing to buy a gainward card try to find a Gainward Phoenix or Phantom cards: http://www.gainward.com/main/vgapro.php?id=953&lang=en http://www.gainward.com/main/vgapro.php?id=970&lang=en 5. As far as performance goes it's a 970, so there should be no decrease vs any other one, but i am more worried about the noise. 6. Oh and be carefull to have space for your card if you wish to go for the phantom cards, they are 2,5 slot cards!!!
  2. AHEM, in Croatia guys: Cheapest GTX 980 : 672 $ ( US ) Cheapest Titan X : 1298 $ ( US ) 980 ti will not come for some time, so around 800-1000 $ ( US ) when it arrives, yeah, not only Australia has bad prices, You guys in NA have it way too cheap Disclaimer: All prices are with VAT in Croatia. Tax percentage you ask? Well a very nice 25 F*****G, yeah 25%...
  3. Guys, like seriously, wth is wrong with you? 1. EU is not a country, and the European Court will not bother with a trivial greedy ISP untill this becomes a real thing. 2. This half assed article is just one huge pile of steaming dump, i love it how this guy says : "Multiple mobile operators in Europe". Not even saying the names of the companies. what their market share is and etc. 3. Do not think even for a second that google is irreplaceable, google is a very strong company, yes, but if they were disappear tomorrow, three new companies would just take it's place. Sure it would have been a rocky start, but we would all survive. 4. This is a case of an ISP being a jerk, you all forget that every company is here to make money, not give free stuff from the goodness of their heart, ISP-s will take every single cent they can get their hands on. 5. As for taxes go, every company loves offshore zones, or better tax havens, EU is not that kind of a place, google can go somewhere else easy, not to mention EU countries would love google more, if google would pay tax, and it is not in google's interest to leave. 6. Before we start a real flame war on this beautiful forum i suggest we wait for a really good article that explains it all...
  4. Vessel username - Opsilon well duhhh Fav Videos : https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy5k SLI Titan X https://www.vessel.com/videos/aBRl_4ZS6Acer Predator
  5. If i got this CPU, i would make a nice, quiet build, use it for gaming, video editing and audio recording and production, i am a simple guy, nothing extravagant for me, sry guys, at least i would know that i will not need a new PC for 5 years, and that for me is the main idea when buying a PC. Bleeding edge at start, but over time, a quiet, but wise and strong dragon waiting to devour everyone that tries to disturb his domain!!
  6. OK guys, i have a bizarre problem. I just got my 3 monitor arm, Arctic z-3 pro and it has USB hub. And if i power down my PC, and the hub is connected it will not start, by that i mean i press the power button on my case and nothing happens, if is disconnect it after this, my PC turns on on it's own. Oh the hub is powered by a separate adapter If is connect the hub when i am in windows, all works fine, so far 0 issues. So the problem happens only if the PC is fully off, my specs are below, and i made no changes since, still waiting for my 3rd monitor Any help with this or even a suggestion how to troubleshoot this is appreciated!!!
  7. This is freaking awesome, but i really want to see them cleaning the thing after some time if they decide not to disassemble it after building and shooting the video!
  8. Really love the maps, some are back from 1.6, the only thing that is a bit strange, they are all very big, and feel more like battlefield maps, but that's ok, i still love it, 3 more wins and distinguished master guardian for me . I must say the last mission had better looking weapons imho!
  9. Yes, i am sry i didn't translate this well, what i was referring to is direct and indirect and direct elections, a different thing, Yes Direct Democracy today does not work in modern counties, because it is impossible to work, too many people... Any country would be doomed. But not for the reasons you stated, the problem would that nothing would ever be done if for every law to pass, you would have to vote for it, that only works in small communities, that is why today it works in Switzerland, and the Citizens can even call a federal referendum to challenge laws.
  10. OK guys, enough is enough, the bullshit you just wrote is beyond reasoning, but it's ok, your resident lawyer ( student ) is here to set you straight ! 1. Every country on the world can be categorized multiple ways. 2. As a type of governance every country can be: a Monarchy or a Republic, and that is by looking at the head of the state, so to conclude the US is as Republic since the country leader is not a king, emperor, sultan, etc... 3. The other way you can look at it is: Unitary country and a Composed country, US is a composed country since it is a federal union of 50 states. 4. And finally we come to the Political regime, and here we have : Democracies and Autocracies ( Oligarchy is a sub-category ) . US is a Democracy, and here is why: The head of your country is chosen by the people by votes, using indirect democracy. This is the simple version of a huge topic, that is not really made to be discussed on a tech forum, Every country today can be a part of multiple categories, but every country has a primary group it fits in. The reason the US is not a real oligarchy is because every adult citizen is allowed to vote, and you can vote for every adult that runs for a position of president. This is fact, and it has nothing to do with political views, it is that simple, what you are mixing is a countries classification with the politics that people in charge are using. The US is a Democracy bit it has other attributes, and the rule of a few powerful is also one of them. Edit: ignore the last section i mistranslated this, was thinking about direct and indirect elections, modern "Western" countries do not use Direct Democracy, it is impossible because there are too may citizens in modern countries, and running a country would be very slow, beside other problems. >>Oh and before you start calling a system stupid @connorpiper, do a bit of research, because not a lot of countries have Indirect Democracies and they work just fine without it<<
  11. This is nice, but there is one problem guys EU court of Justice is an international court and decisions made there do not affect the entire world, and it can also be against the legal system in some countries. The bigger problem is that the US uses a different legal system than most of Europe. This decision is not even something very new since European countries have different copyright laws, there is no single law for the entire Europe so some countries may have even less restrictions in that area. For us Europeans this is fine, but you guys in the North America have it rough, and this will do next to nothing for you, at least right now, more worldwide judicial decisions might actually force the US law makers to adapt, but i would not hold my breath waiting for it... This is a victory for the science of law, because we are getting answers for questions that are asked quite often, but only now we have major world legal system giving it's oppinion, the more systems accept this the better for everyone in the long run, less patent trolls, etc...
  12. It will work, don't worry, turn of aa, just leave af, it will work, but be reasonable at 4k, modern games don't work well on a gtx 980 with that resolution I use dual monitors, it kind of works, but not very good, it messes up the scaling even if you adjust it not to do so, you can make games to brake monitor sync but it will not help really, and it works better if you put it at 2.5k, but then it stretches out the 2nd monitor
  13. Tried it out just now! Very interesting: 1. it works even better than manual mode, i was able to play some games at 4k, but setting 4k manually did not work well on my 1080p monitor before this driver update 2. animations look amazing, but i saw bit of blur when reading text in games, so i might have to setup sharpness of the monitor and see if that helps any... 3. i tried it i dota 2 and i have mixed feelings about this, the max resolution was 2715x1527, and my system did over 80 FPS in the game, but it is not smooth, even at 1080p i have huge fps, but the problem is screen tearing, now at dsr 80 fps there is almost no tearing but i can see the frame latecy, it is like i can see a very fast slide show, like micro stuttering, it might be that my gpu can't really handle it 4. none of the problems above happen when i use dsr to render at 2560x1440, so for 600 users i would suggest to keep the res up to 2.5k That's all from me! Oh yeah and ty nvidia, it has some problems but i really love the features! EDIT: Just finished a 2 hour 4k dsr Diablo 3 run, it is awesome, works, even better than Dota 2, no stuttering, so it must be a game problem not DRS!
  14. This card looks sick, i mean yeah it's like an older lambo, flashy, but man i love that sometimes and zotac did it this time, i taught the palit jetstream was badass, but this, man... a different level, I can't wait to see what will come next, the vendors are really kicking it up a notch with the badass looks!!!