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  1. Distance is probably not gonna matter, but the monitor itself will use a lot of "data capacity" and all the stuff that usually has a dedicated cable now has to squeeze in between. So it's 2 additional conversions and data that has to wait that usually wouldn't wait. And if it all arrives in 1 pcie slot, doesn't that also influence how it's processed inside the cpu? Maybe less efficient? I don't know, that's why i would love to see it tested
  2. This is amazing, i would love to at least put my PC in a different room. I would be really interested in a latency test. 144 frames, 1440p+, 1000hz mouse keyboard + maybe usb sound and usb microphone... and then check the added latency from the thunderbold conversions. Maybe even with different cable lengths.
  3. Since i live in europe i learned driving with manual transmission and i drove 2 cars with manual transmission for 8 years in total and it never bothered me but i also never felt that it would make driving more fun (maybe because of the lack of horse power), still i somehow felt that driving an automatic would be boring and with the transmissions available 5 years ago it might have been boring. So for my new car i really wanted to try a dual clutch (audi s-tronic) transmission simply because i read about it a lot and it just seemed to have no down sides and so far i don't regret my decision. It shifts super fast and smooth and seems to be reliable too. But on top of that it did something that i didn't really expect. My subjective feeling is that it freed up space in my brain, like when you drive manual it doesn't feel like that's taking up brain capacity since it feels very automated but now that i don't have to do it, it feels like i have much more time analyzing what's happening around me and it feels like i'm more in control not less. In the end i feel for the decision manual vs automatic it comes down to the quality of the transmission. I don't know anything about the transmission in the subaru, the evo 9 wagon automatic transmission is acceptable as far as i heard but i don't know how close that comes to what subaru uses.
  4. With C++ an i7 and a SSD can be money well spend depending on the project size. Compilation times with stuff like QT can be really long and annoying on weak hardware.
  5. I use the K740 to both game and code. I like that it is relatively silent. I had a few days where i thought i should get a different keyboard but i just can't find anything better, the silence and "feel" of the keys outweigh it's shortcomings for me.
  6. I don't see this as a problem, if your game is good and polished people who liked the other game might even be looking for something similar. In the end the games won't be exactly the same... minecraft isn't the only block building game out there and while it's by far the most popular other games in that genre still get some traction... You always have to be able to compete somehow and as a single person you can only do that when you keep the scope small. Even when you are the first to release something "new" and awesome there is no guarantee that you will get any visibility with all the indie games released each day.
  7. I used to listen to a lot of Death Metal and Grindcore some of my favorite bands are Nasum, Misery Index, Fuck the Facts, Fuck... I'm Dead, Regurgitate, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Kataklysm. But i don't see myself as just a "Metalhead" since i like a lot of different other genres too. I voted Metallica as overrated mostly because they are often used to represent metal but are really just representing a very specific style... They definitely made some great albums though...
  8. I never used it but i think RPG Maker covers 100% of what you need for a pokemon game. I'm not sure how much programming is required i would think that it might have some kind of scripting engine... If you decide to make it from scratch try java but don't do GUI stuff... make small console tools to learn java and then go straight to opengl or canvas stuff (ok both involves a little bit of gui programming).
  9. Look at how Tom Francis did it, i think he is the perfect example (http://www.pentadact.com/). I think the only safe and sound way of becoming an indie dev is to work on the first project as a side project and see how much traction it gets. If you're currently too busy to make any real progress try changing your job or see if maybe one job will keep you alive for a while (but i think it is definitely important to keep a foot or two in the door... the only exception would probably be if you already work in the game industry). Apart from that i think the most important thing is to create a game that does not require much content and is based on simple but fun game mechanics, maybe something that can make use of procedural content generation because content creation is what will take the longest time.
  10. I'm not sure how much access you would have to core functionality when using plugins. If it is possible with plugins it would probably be the best solution. How safe it is depends on the implementation. I don't think someone without experience could actually finish a project like this
  11. Sounds more like a job for a browser plugin or something standalone based on ff or chrome codebase... In some ways i like the idea because using vpn or proxys is always kinda lame because you have to route all your traffic and install additional network drivers and shit like that ... but i don't care enough about it to start working on something like that
  12. Do not create a table for each person (that would be as far away from normalized as it gets). I'm not sure what you actually want to save but it seems like you could create one table for all employees and maybe one table with task description/task id and another table to link employee ids to task ids (and maybe the hours they worked on it?). You could then create a query that lists all employees and their hours/tasks or maybe a query that asks for the name of the employee and displays just his hours. The information you provided is not enough to say for sure what the best way would be.
  13. Yes, you need a reference to the object that is "holding" the variable and you need to make the variable public or create a getter/setter.
  14. It has already been mentioned but again: If you found java too difficult it doesn't make much sense to try and learn c++. Java has great tools so you can actually concentrate on learning programming, c++ has good tools too but there will always be other stuff to distract you ("oh this function you are looking for... try boost", "try this library it's really easy to compile...", ...). Java has everything you need to make a raytracer ... it won't be as fast as in c++ but that doesn't really matter if you're still trying to learn programming. And since java and c++ have similar syntax learning c++ after you learned java will be much easier.
  15. I'm a big Mitsubishi Evo fan but the insurance is insane (2k+ a year) so i got an Audi A3. Before i was driving a VW Polo.