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  1. They gave you several options. If you tried google you would get dozens more. No, Microsoft doesn't have a Windows 7 start menu in Windows 8 option. Why is it so hard to fucking google something. I understand if you want to discuss technology or you want something complex explained but you are asking for answers spoon fed to you because you cannot think for yourself. Its just plain retarded.
  2. Did you seriously change this whole topic to ask a different question? Learn to google shit for fucks sakes. Blindly asking the simplest of questions when the answers are everywhere makes you a very ignorant person. Goodluck in life needing someone to hold your hand whenever you don't know something.
  3. You obviously didn't look very hard.... http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/products/firefox
  4. LTT doesn't have the money to pay someone to do this. Only way this would happen is if a member of the community volunteered to create this app. Even then they would need a working knowledge of Java, C#, HTML within Android, IOS, BBOS etc. Someone of this knowledge usually doesn't go around making apps for people in there spare time. Especially not a blackberry OS app. Seriously, you guys are crazy if you think anyone will make one of those for the 25 of you. Android and IOS is a already a stretch. This isn't going to happen and if it does it will be a very simple android or ios app. I doubt both for a very very long time.
  5. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj200124.aspx When you download windows 7 it will most likely be in .iso format. Open it with winrar (its free) and extract the contents onto the bootable USB stick and then boom you can boot from it and install windows. I do this a lot at work and it has never failed me. From 10 year old machines to servers. Goodluck!