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  • CPU
    AMD FX 8320
  • Motherboard
    ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0
  • RAM
    1 8GB stick
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 770
  • Case
    Fractal Design core 3000
  • Storage
    1 terabyte HDD
  • PSU
    Cx 600m

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  1. DarkCrow

    Ccleaner dead?

    Interesting. I've updated it and use it but i haven't had anything randomly install on my computer. Still find it very useful personally.
  2. If you want a antivirus that doesn't bother you unless it needs to then bitdefender free is a nice choice.
  3. Hey there, so I was thinking of changing my calendar app on my phone(android) from the basic app and that made me curious on what the community is using for their phone or PC. Doesn't matter if android, apple, or windows. I'm just curious and if you add why you prefer that app it would be great.
  4. DarkCrow

    Xbox emulator?

    That pc should be able to handle ps2 and down emulators. (The only ones worth using at the moment tbh.)
  5. DarkCrow

    Triple Level text encryptor/decryptor

    Would be interesting to see the source code just to learn how encryption works through example. If not, then being able to download an exe to try out your app would be fun. =D
  6. DarkCrow

    Roccat Giveaway

    Not sure if you are still accepting entries but if you do then I would like to enter for the Kiro. My cousin recently made the switch to Pc from his Xbox one but he has a cheap $5 mouse and thought this would be a great mouse for him to better enjoy his pc . I personally own the Kone XTD and it's amazing.
  7. DarkCrow

    Any smite players?

    The game has seen various balance reworks. Arena, siege, and assault are more focus on group fighting but conquest does feel like its all about farming which can get tiresome. Apparently they are going to add a new game mode. Although, that might not be until late Dec or beginning Jan. At the moment they are prepping up for their tournament final in Jan.
  8. DarkCrow

    Any smite players?

    I used to play conquest mainly but recently have been sticking to arena and assault or siege cause conquest takes to long for me and i'm trying to gain FP as fast as possible
  9. DarkCrow

    Any smite players?

    I know what you mean. I only have one day in the week where I can play games. Kinda sad cause I want to play Mgs5. :'(
  10. DarkCrow

    Win10 or nah?

    Going back on topic, I'm waiting till the privacy issues with Win10 are better resolved, I know that you don't really have privacy online but having that on the OS is a bit worrying, and till I get myself an SSD so that I can do a clean install to it.
  11. DarkCrow

    Any smite players?

    You said you don't play smite anymore so I was wondering if you were playing another game at the moment.
  12. DarkCrow

    Win10 or nah?

    That's one beast computer/Setup!
  13. DarkCrow

    Any smite players?

    I know what you mean about having toxic players from time to time and it does get annoying but in my case that's everywhere so it doesn't faze me much. That's why I play rank since it rarely happens there and no new gods there so no op gods ^-^. I have noticed that servers sometimes have issues, especially after updates but eh, it gets fixed after a day or two. P.s. may I ask what you play recently?
  14. DarkCrow

    Any smite players?

    I tried getting back into TF2 a while back. was full of wacky hats
  15. DarkCrow

    Any smite players?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone from the forums played smite. If you do, what game modes do you play, what role is your favorite, and which god is your favorite? For those who don't know Smite is a 3rd person MOBA. If you wish try out smite I'm adding a link for your convenience: http://bit.ly/1jrU4NS (The link is a referral so that guys can get a boost in order to get Gods quicker.)