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  1. I think ill stick to a midrange X570. Its the safer bet if i want to use Ryzen 4000 and it has the same VRM as top end X470. And i dont need most of the top end x470 features since OC on ryzen is mostly pointless. Thanks to everyone helping me out in making this decision.
  2. I need a lot of USB at the back and want beefy VRM for Ryzen 4000. So my best bet is either X470 HighEnd or X570 midrange.
  3. For ~200€ i could get either a used Gigabyte x470 gaming 7, a new Asrock X470 Taichi or a new Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite. (i also found a crosshair VII for 230€?) Any ideas what to prefer? (i dont need pcie 4)
  4. My thoughts exactly. Hmm. Maybe i should start reading x570 reviews. Problem is also that X470 is on the way out it seems. There are not much left to buy and prices start going crazy. I may have missed the bus there.
  5. some users reported abysmal SATA speeds with their X570. But lately i heard it just happened on some MSI boards. Yeah i know! It seems crazy. But if the priceleaks are true it could be cheaper then a used 8700k. No thanks
  6. Ok this is a bit of crystalballing but hear me out: My wife is in dire need of an upgrade so i decided to give her my CPU/Mobo (i7 7700k@4.8 & Apex IX) and upgrade/sidegrade my rig without buying into LGA 1511v2. I got burned once with the 7700k and wont make the same mistake again with buying a 9700k just to be stuck again. So heres my plan: Either im buying a good used X470 board (i want to avoid the X570 SATA Problems and the extra fan but im open for debate here) with a Ryzen 3600 to hold me over till the next next generation of Ryzen drops at the end of the year and just buy the best gaming CPU from that lineup and be done till DDR5 has matured. OR I wait for Intels new LGA1200 and do the same thing with their lineup (buying an i5 10600k maybe?). Im just not sure what Intel can offer. The leaked prices for comet-lake seem a bit meh and whats really got me thinking is that on the one hand it will be a hot mess with 14nm+++² AGAIN and on the other hand that all rumors point to rocket-lake bringing some change but not much more performance cause of the frequency drop. My usecase is pure gaming at 1440p/144 or 4k/60. The whole thing will be pairded with a 2080Ti. And plz no "if you can afford a 2080Ti just splurge for the best Intel!" I payed 850€ for a used 2080Ti over a year ago and could flip my 1080Ti for a good price after that. I could just dump for a 10900K and call it a day but its just not "worth" it for me. Its way too expensive for whats on offer and my poor 240 AIO would get recked by that thing. So i hope you guys and gals can give me some ideas and fresh input on the matter.