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  1. I have a server running on windows 2012 R2. I have the ports forwarded incoming on the ports that are required for minecraft. If i allow all inbound traffic that doesn't meet rules, the server come right up on my PC, Else it doesn't show up. I've tried to add java to the list of allowed apps, but that doesn't seem to do anything.
  2. No overheating I can detect, my gtx 1080 is a hydro card and runs super cool. Cpu runs at a normal temp.
  3. I'll give that a shot, I did recently update the bios to the newest version to try and fix gears 5 crashing my pc.
  4. I'm on my phone so sorry for any mistakes. The past few days my computer has been freezing (total freeze, then black screen and reboot) while playing games. It got worse today and yesterday. I tried reinstalling windows only to have the same issues. So I figured it was nvme SSD, updated the firmware and checked smart on it and it's all good. I tried installing windows onto a sata SSD I had laying around. Same issues except it's just constant blue screens now and freezing after 5-10 minutes. I'm currently running memtest86 right now, but it's on the forth pass with zero issues. The BSOD I keep getting is Clock_watchdog_timeout. Makes me think MOBO, possibly corrupt bios? Specs; ryzen 2600, strix b-350 f gaming, 16 gb gskill trident z rgb, corsair rm 750. Windows 10
  5. doggie504

    Speaker Upgrade?

    Right now I'm using a 10 year old set of Bose companion II desktop Speakers. At Higher Volumes they get some crackling, and I'm not an audiophile or anything but it sounds like there is alot of leveling at mid-high volumes. Could i benefit from a DAC/AMP? Or would i just have to buy a new speaker set? I tried this $80-$100 Logitech 2.1 system, but found the audio quality completely unacceptable and returned it.
  6. Buy the 1080 hybrid, I have it and its amazing. I think the benefit to them is they will last alot longer in the long run as they stay ALOT cooler.
  7. All depends on The resolution, I have a 3440X1440 ultrawide and run a Fx-8350. I usually get 50-60fps in most games at high/ultra.
  8. If your playing in 1080p, CPU, But if you in 1440p or higher, GPU.
  9. New battery sadly made no difference.
  10. I'm gonna try that, ill pick up a battery on my way home from work.
  11. It seems ANY settings changes result in the same error.
  12. I had this CPU running at 4.X GHz for so long and something happened and I can't Overclock it anymore. Specs: Fx-8320 M5A99X Evo R1.0 16GB Ram Corsair RM-750 Evga GTX 1080 Hybrid Every time I try to overclock, even by 200-300MHz, after reboot my MOBO says press enter to recover settings. I have tried to reflash the BIOS, but it simply locks up the second I try to do it. Is there any chance the CMOS battery is dying and causing some disruption? The ONLY change i can possibly remember was I had issues the H100i and the NZXT fan controller giving me CPU fan errors, but I have since fixed it.