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  1. He's salty cause he sold way too many copies under early access rather than retail pricing.
  2. I have the Samsung 27inch curved 144hz QD, Initially it is very noticeable, but give it time you don't.
  3. Have to totally agree, I am happily paying for Netflix in Australia, however when I see Netflix original content appear 8 hours before it hits AU Netflix it makes me mad. That is total BS.
  4. I have 2 razer mice the Lachesis is over 5 years old, no breaks. The Orobouros is 2 years old no breaks. What on earth are you doing to your mice the break them?
  5. From my experience avoid Corsair, my 2nd K70 RGB is in for RMA for the dreaded double typing that's a common issue (Both were RMA'd for the same thing). Replaced with a Razer Chroma RGB but that induced arm pain, followed by a CM masterkeys pro s (Brown). Personally I use a gel wrist wrest and it is by far better than any included wrist wrest.
  6. A positive from this, you just got a CPU upgrade.
  7. Arrogance and Nvidia stinks of it. Closest was a Gigabyte that came with a WF3 cooler in the box. ref board and ref cooler.
  8. The Asus or any of the Intel boards. Surely you can get a board off ebay for cheaper.
  9. In single threaded applications yes, but the 1700 will stomp the 7700k in multi threaded.
  10. That's inline with everyone else, it's the 1700 (non X you should be comparing to 7700k for pricing.
  11. You have CPU's and GPU's mixed up. bulldozers TJ Max was 72c,whats Kaby at? Same old 2013 joke had to pop up.
  12. That was a very smart move by AMD, people don't like w10 and to be forced to it with Kaby Lake was a seriously stupid move. The we have the TIM forcinging people to void their warranties cause Intel didn't want to spend a 1c more per unit on a decent TIM.
  13. What model is your card? And did you register it with XFX? XFX Radeon R 200-Series 2 Year Standard Double Dissipation (dual fan) models can receive Limited Lifetime with registration within 30 days of purchase.
  14. facepalm.jpg go look in the news setion there are discussions about the next gpu's
  15. The forced registration for Geforce Experience has dropped, no doubt they nerfed the older versions, so you have to give them your data. Also worthy of note there is no statement stating they won't sell your data. I uninstalled Geforce Experience, I'll do my updates manually and use Raptr for my game DVR needs. Not interested in a greedy nvidia selling my email to every tom dick and harry waving some cash at them.
  16. The irony of the mass censorship is not lost on me.
  17. AMD's gaming evolved app has recording software, Raptr. In fact you can use this with nvidia hardware. Personally i use Raptr with my 980ti over shadowplay as it doesn't have the 20 minute recording limit. If your streaming Nvidias software is better, but if your recording long sessions to edit later Raptr is the one to go with.
  18. Cause people have been donating to their patreon to support TS.
  19. Back when XP was new, our office was all on 95/ NT4.0. We had this dial up remote access link to a small office, (Yes Australia's internet was shit back then too ) That system when down many times a day every day. After weeks of campaigning to the IT manager that we needed to update that system to XP, I was finally given the green light. Once installed it was never an issue from that point forward. Simply there has to be a clear advantage to use a new OS.
  20. You also have to factor in high cost of training the staff, the IT staff & the lost productivity whilst they are being trained.
  21. After recently picking up a 980ti i ran some 3d mark 11 benches. what i found was an old 2600k was outscoring a couple of later gen i5's with 1070 & 1080's. Yes 3d mark isn't the be all but it is a guide. I have also seen some talk recently that the i5 is bottlenecking the 1070 in 1080p 144hz applications. Up till now the i5 was always a good choice for a gaming rig. but now with Pascal is it still a good choice? Some testing & review would be nice.
  22. Oh I heard it, technicalities can always get someone out of backing up previous statements. However When said "new production" is featuring the LMG staff, is promoted by vessel as LMG and is also promoted on a official LMG channel it doesn't hold water. P.S. no need to get personal Just pointing out what was said previously and keeping LMG honest.
  23. https://youtu.be/8_ZCmMbfYd0?t=1m43s So when Linus stated that "All Linus Media Group content will continue to be available for free on you tube and ad supported" it was just lip service to avoid the backlash of having people unsubscribe from his channels. Also of note this new series pops up after the 1 year free offer expires. Vessel even promote it as. .
  24. Have a look at the Razer Synapse settings on the first test 100dpi, who the hell uses a 100 dpi setting on a gaming mouse. Plus the polling rate does not look like it's 1000 more like 125. However it was an interesting testing methodology and it would be interesting to see this done by a 3rd party.