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  1. TripleSY

    Determining fake mouse in SEA

    I'm from Malaysia and there is about to be a big online sale on Lazada on the 12th of July I'm thinking of buying a Razer DeathAdder Essential mouse from there HOWEVER Lazada has an official Razer store and the official DeathAdder is RM289 (which is quite expensive for me) and a different store called PCByte is selling the DeathAdder for RM115 Thinking of buying from PCbyte but im concerned whether or not its real or not. Seller claims its original and reviews say its genuine because it works with Razer Synapse and that the product serial number is eligible for Razer warranty claim. Is the warranty claim enough proof that the product is real?
  2. TripleSY

    Updating Android on Xiaomi Mi4S

    Is this a good and straight forward guide to use? https://zfirmware.com/how-to-update-xiaomi-mi-4s-to-android-7-0-nougat/
  3. Hey does anybody know how to update Android on a Xiaomi Mi 4s? I'm currently on Android 5.1 and going into settings and checking for updates just shows me MIUI 7 and no updates available. I saw on GSMArena that the OS starts of at 5.1 but can be updated to 7.0 Nougat/MIUI. Please help me. PS: I'm eager to update because Pokemon Go on my phone doesn't work after the latest update (22.2.2019) and i'm certain now that my OS is the problem.
  4. TripleSY

    2019 - PS4 Pro or wait for PS5

    Thanks for the input guys. I got the PS4 Pro and am ready to enjoy it
  5. Its early 2019 and I can get Kingdom Hearts 3 with a PS4 Pro but the offer ends on the 29th of January. Along with this I can get Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far at a cheaper price. Should I get the PS4 Pro or wait for the Playstation 5??? PS - Kingdom Hearts, Anthem, Assassin's Creed and Spider Man PS4 is what I plan to play the most.
  6. TripleSY

    Laptop hard disk replacement for newbie

    Thank you for the affirmation I'll be getting the drive later in the month so i'll try it out then and follow up then
  7. Hi all I have started getting into computer tech only recently and only have basic knowledge I want to replace the hard disc of my Lenovo Y50-70 touch 860m laptop from a WD (black or blue can't remember) 500 GB hard disc to a Seagate Firecuda 2TB SSHD. Is the drive compatible? I'm excessively wondering because I saw a recent post on Lenovo's forums of a person who replaced his exact laptop with the Firecuda 2TB and he said it wasn't working. Others on the forum said that the bios might not be able to handle such a large drive or that the Firecuda required more power through the internal SATA connection than the laptop could provide. Could somebody help a newbie out? Some context: I cannot afford to buy the drive and test it out because my father is getting it from overseas trip and we can't return it if it doesn't work. I'm choosing a 2TB SSHD because i need the space for my laptop and I'm quite sure there is no expansion slots in my laptop like M.2 Laptop specs Lenovo Y50-70 touch Intel(R) Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.5 GHz 16 GB Ram 64-bit Operating system, x64-based processor GTX 860m 4GB VRAM