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    My name is steve. I am a "born again PC user" after a brief lapse of judgement using a mac(a few years back). I like to build and mod cases in my free time. I also do wood working and small scale things with aluminum and steel.
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  1. Asking for a refund for an unknown issue is not going to happen. Especially if the difference is a few percent. That would be equivalent to asking Microsoft for a windows refund because that POS IE stops responding half the time it opens..
  2. sp408

    HAF 912 Case Mod - 912.5

    Did you buy the sleeving already?
  3. sp408

    EVGA GTX 680 FTW LE 4GB or wait for 700 Series

    I would say it depends. Do you want it because your 560 isn't handling your games or because you just want to squeeze out more FPS. I would say if that is the case and you don't feel like waiting 6 months( at least) why not Pick up a MSI Power Edition 660 or 670? They overclock nicely. If it was me I would just buy two 660's and use the rest of my money for food.
  4. I think we know whos house to go over to now
  5. Not done with the case yet, but here it is i7 - 3770k Asus Maximus V Gene ​Corsair Vengeance 16Gb Asus Xonar Essence STX Corsair H100i Corsair 760i Corsair GS 240Gb Corsair Force 3 180Gb Patriot Wildfire 120Gb ​A few other miscellaneous items
  6. Local retailers , sadly newegg if there is no alternative.
  7. Not really a computer build but, I was setting up a water cooling set up on my xbox 360 and forgot to use stand offs and ground the system. Then I attempted to power it on...didn't end to well
  8. sp408

    H100i Review

    Good review! I am using this in my Matx silverstone build at the moment. Watching HD videos and browsing the web(day to day) keeps my cpu around 20-25c. If you are getting a coil whine from the fans make sure you update to the latest firmware from corsair. This usually helps. Also the 100i pump has the ability to attach up to a push pull set up as well as command another C. Link device (760i psu myself). My only gripe is (I am overly anal about sound from my pc) is on some you will get a pump whine. If you normally watch videos or listen to music you wont hear it usually. But I like to sit and read quietly and since im about 2 feet away it can be bothersome. Though this is not the case for all 100i's as I have two and the second one is not as bad.
  9. There is always a chance for something to go wrong with dismantling fans. As you could tear the coil and chip the bearings or even get dirt( i have done this) stuck inside the house causing a chaffing sound. With those fans though as long as you are careful I would not really worry about painting them as long as the coat is even and not heavily weighted to one side. The only types of fans I don't recommend painting are fans like Noctua that have small crevices and specialize bearings that are highly sensitive to friction and weight changes. Performance wise I wouldn't expect anything notable if anything at all as long as you take the time to do it properly. Then again if you do mess up they are only $10 to replace.
  10. sp408

    fan hole cut outs in a wooden pc case

    Your best results will be with a router. Though I understand the cost is not in everyones budget. Though if you plan on doing a lot of computer/wood.metal work I would highly recommend a DW621 as it can be used to cut aluminum holes as well. I would personally avoid a jigsaw as one slip up and your screwed. The next best is a hole saw. Don't use a harbor freight hole saw if you are looking for a good finish use a 4 1/2 inch(120mm) Irwin or Bosch. Then like mentioned above sand with 180,220,320, 400 sandpaper. If you decide to go with a hole saw make sure you first drill a pilot hole from 1/8in to 5/32 then to your hole saw drill bit size for the most precise cut with least wobble. Depending on the thickness of your wood will help you decide if you need scrap wood with you. If it is a thin piece of wood I would recommend putting it in the middle of two other pieces the same size to prevent wood chipping. Also use this method if the wood has been laminated to prevent the laminate from ripping up. I hope this helps -steve
  11. sp408

    Powder Coating

    The shop will usually strip it for you as they use acids to eat through paint in about an hour. Ask ahead of time though, cuz it may be a small shop. As for doing it yourself. It is not cheap, but rather easy. To Powder coat your size case you would have to purchase an industrial or XL kitchen model oven and put it outside. Do no use your home oven! I Live in CA and the usual price I am quoted when I take cases is anywhere from 150-220. But that is for one color usually black. Two or three colors will cost more. Each shop will have different colors also. So take your time and pick, ask to see finished products using that color.
  12. sp408

    Sound Dampening Material

    I am not sure on your budget. Acoustic foam would be better than what you are looking at in your earlier post. However acoustical foam is rather thick and will absorb heat into itself. If your problem is noise from the fans, you can always cut out fan mesh to allow more even flow of air and lowering the distortion.
  13. sp408

    PSU sleeving

    If you have a PSU where all the cables come out of one area like this: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/Thermaltake-Outs-750W-and-850W-Smart-Series-PSUs-2.png I wouldn't sleeve it. If you want to individually sleeve that type you will at least double the width of the bundle and if you want to sleeve to the base, you will need to take apart the PSU voiding your warranty. Another drawback to that is most likely having to cut a larger opening for the sleeved cables now.
  14. sp408

    PSU sleeving

    I use a lighter all the time for mine, so you should be fine. Just be mindful not to melt the wires underneath or the sleeving.
  15. sp408

    PSU sleeving

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tool-5-ATX-Pin-Remover-/330727104100?pt=US_Cabling_Tools&hash=item4d00df1e64 If you are new to sleeving, I would recommend buying at least 3 of these until you get some experience. Also stay away from sunbeam PSU tools. Once you break a tool always keep it as they always come in handy later.