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    Madrid, Spain


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    i5 4690 3.5 GHz (OC @3.9GHz)
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    Asus Z97 - P
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    GSkill 2x4 2400MHz DDR3
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    GTX 760 OC 2GB
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    Rosewill CHALLENGER
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    Sandisk SSD370 256GB + Some sort of SATA HDD 250GB
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    ASUS VX239H 23.5" + DELL 1707FPt 17"
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    ThermalTake NiC F3
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    Ozone Strike (Cherry brown)
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    Logitech G502
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    SoundBlaster Z soundboard + Audio Technica ATH - M40x headphones
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    Windows 10 pro 64 bits (Windows Insider prebuild)

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  1. Maxinfamily

    Read before asking for help

    EDIT: I no longer need help, Ive found the problem! Well, I find myslef in this situation: 1 long, 2 short Indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information But whats funny about this is that this only happens when I unplug the GPU, then when I try to boot it starts beeping, if I plug the GPU and try to boot it just doesnt boot, doesnt POSTs (I dont hear the short beep that its supposed to make when a pc POSTs correctly). I've tryed using the VGA and HDMI ports of the GPU and of the MOBO (with the GPU plugged and unplugged). I dont know what to do My conclusion is that the mobo is dead What do you guys think? Thanks for any answer in advance UPDATE: it POSTs with the GPU plugged in but I have no video output, regardless I plug the HDMI to the GPU or the mobo. Regarding with what I said before, the pc not POSTing with the GPU unplugged doesnt make sense imo since IM supposed to be able to use a pc without a GPU, just with the integrated graphics (which it has). P.D: I've tryed different displays which I know that are working and still output UPDATE2: right now Im testing the gpu in another PC and in a first try to boot the pc just froze at windows session load (right after I typed the pass). I just hitted the power button and it shutdown after half a min. Then in a second try it booted normally and now I got the GPU working well... Seems like I was right with my first conclusion... The mobo is very likely to be dead... Its a proprietary mobo from acer, Ive never trusted proprietary stuff ti be honest, they always fail... LAST UPDATE: I thought that my cpu had integrated gpu (I didnt check it because I was positive) so thats why all of this was so confusing but I've realized that it doesnt, it doesnt have integrated graphics so thats why I couldnt POST without the gpu plugged in... So yeah, the gpu works in other pc, doesnt works in this one, guess that means 100% the mobo is dead
  2. Are you using ryzen? Because ryzen gets more advantage from faster rams than the others, maybe thats why.
  3. Maxinfamily

    Blue/Black Build

    1) Buy a black and blue case (black with blue led fans or whatever suits you better) so you can save lots of money on fans. 2) I would get a cheaper mobo, Im sure that there are 100-120$ mobos which would suit you better since you are getting a locked cpu. 3) a RX 480 for a 1800$ buged ? Nope. Get a 1070 or a 1080 and a higher refresh monitor 4) Since Im suggesting you to get a 1070/80, you should get a 600W psu (any GQ, B2 from EVGA will do a great job, dont go on the cheap in the psu, thats never a good idea. You can also check the LTT tier list) 5) You should really dig some more out there my friend! good luck!
  4. Im not into Ryzen, Im sorry, but that I cant tell. But Im sure if you google It you will find tons of answers (?)
  5. Well, the difference between 3200 and 2400 Hz (at the same latency) is about 2-4% of performance impact, Its negligible, you just get which ever are cheaper.
  6. Maxinfamily

    RAM myth

    Yep, you have my blessing, go and buy them, they will be fine.
  7. They are related by a simple math equation. Time = frequency / latency 3200/16 = 200 3000/15 = 200 2666/13 = 205.0796 The 3r module is marginally "worse" (theres no actual difference, none would ever tell) so if theres any difference between the prices, I would get which ever is cheaper (if they are all from reliable brands). I would keep in mind that not every cpu and mobo are compatible with high frequency modules, so make sure to check that.
  8. Maxinfamily

    144Hz vs 60Hz

    He said that because AAA games are more demanding that "regular ones" on which he could be able to achieve those 144fps, I assume.
  9. Maxinfamily

    144Hz vs 60Hz

    Yes It would. But since your display will outlast your PC by 2 or 3 times (and then It could be your secondary display) If you can afford a 144Hz display, I suggest you to do It and youll upgrade the rest of your HW later.
  10. Maxinfamily

    144Hz vs 60Hz

    I dont undestand the question either. But if you were talking about a 144Hz display, no It isnt harder to get 60 fps at a 144Hz display. If you were talking about a pc capable of 144Hz, no again, It wouldnt be harder to get 60 fps. Edit: Yes, as I said before.
  11. Maxinfamily

    Best Gpu for under 150 or 200$.

    1050ti or 1050 if you have a even tighter budget IMO
  12. Maxinfamily

    Any free power consumption monitor?

    Yeah, we know, but I think that what @RuLeZ wanted to say is: "with the build-in HW components that a regular system has nowadays, Its impossible to do It". It obviously not impossible if you install/use other kind of devices to get some amps and volts readings... GPUs can measure the power they are draining because the are meant to do that, they have been design and build with some specific HW components to make those readings, but soundcards, SSDs, HDDs, optical readers, card readers, peripherals, fans, etc they are not design to measure their power consumption, they dont have the specific HW to do that, so that leads us to everyones conclusion, the best way to achieve It is to design a PSU with a ammeter and voltmeter and allow It to send the data to the mobo so we can monitor those readings...
  13. Maxinfamily

    Any free power consumption monitor?

    Hahaha, I thought about It but Its too much work, isnt worth the effort I think. Thanks again!
  14. Maxinfamily

    Any free power consumption monitor?

    Yep, as I said, thats the peak watts, but I want to know the idle/low load consumption. Thank you everyone anyway for your quick answers!
  15. Maxinfamily

    Any free power consumption monitor?

    I was thinking about that possibility, and since every component is connected to the mobo and the psu I thought maybe It was still possible, but they to be connected that doesnt mean they are sharing power consumption data with each other, they are not design to do that I guess.