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  • CPU
    Core i5 3350P 3.1Ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI B75MA-E33 mATX
  • RAM
    hyperx fury 8gb
  • GPU
    Zotac gtx 1060 AMP! edition 6 GB
  • Case
    Corsair carbide 88r
  • Storage
    kingston 240gb ssd + seagate barracuda 2tb
  • PSU
    LC Power LC6550 V2.3
  • Display(s)
    Philips 234E 23' monitor
  • Cooling
    cryorig m9i
  • Keyboard
    Genius gaming Scorpion K5
  • Mouse
    Logitech m500 wired mouse
  • Sound
    AIWA XR-EM200
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. ayyyy but really, i dont have much left, so to save up on the time it'd take me to buy a new one, im just asking
  2. Thermal paste, since i dont have much on hand anymore but I suppose you're right
  3. I found an old abandoned HP Compaq elite 8300 convertible microtower at the junkyard. I've determined that I will use it in the future as a DIY NAS. The CPU is an I5 3470 and it has 4gb of ddr 3 ram. The problem is, I have my old pc's parts, which's CPU has the same socket as the HP prebuilt (old cpu is i5 3350p). I want to put the 3470 into my old pc (mATX mobo with 16gb of ram and a better cooler) and have the 3350P in the "DIY NAS" Question is: Is there any chance that the CPU wouldn't work if I swapped it? HP's prebuilt pc's aren't exactly known for the largest compatibility list between components..
  4. MAT0S0

    Resloution vs size

    The reason why I asked it not the other way around: The price difference I realised I didn't specify, but, the options I wrote are about the same price. Between a 24 1080p and a 27 1440p you usually get around 150-200 currency of a difference (for me at least, a 24inch 1080p monitor costs around 150-200€ and a 27inch 1440p monitor costs 250-400€)
  5. MAT0S0

    Resloution vs size

    That yes. But lets say, hypothetically, that color accuracy and refresh rate are about the same. Not sure what you measure good color accuracy in, but lets say its above decent, and the average refresh rate is about 75Hz. For productivity, not heavy gaming. I won't go deeper into other specs, because I'm not an expert. Which would be theoretically better to pick?
  6. I am fairly confused, since the internet doesn't seem to want to give me a straight answer. Which would be better for someone who primarily works on his pc, and occasionally games? A bigger monitor with a lower resolution, or a smaller monitor with higher resolution. In my case, is a 27 inch monitor at 1080p better, or a 24 inch 1440p monitor? (Both IPS, because work, obviously). And to set a 'standard'? The gpu that must run them is a gtx 1060 6gb. I'm curious. EDIT: I forgot to factor this in: Both monitors would cost around 280 currency. So with that said, which would be theoretically better to pick?
  7. No, I have my steam library on a 2tb seagate HDD Its installed and the saves should have been on that drive but apperantly they reset due to it being a different pc?
  8. yeah, it doesnt exist for me either
  9. I checked all of my C folders for the save files on my old pc and new pc just to be sure Didn't work.. I suppose I'll start over then..
  10. I know about steam cloud.... sadly I didn't have that turned on up until now. So basicly im screwed over and need to start the game over... Sad life
  11. I have an issue I'd like to set straight before I continue with a new game. I played some monster hunter world before I upgraded my pc. I didn't wipe my hdd on which the game and it's save files are located on. I suspected the game would leave me with the previous save files, but NOPE, it booted me to the tutorial. I tried the possible solutions to recover my data, but no results showed... Would anyone know if save data is based off of the pc you are on? Or does it reset upon unplugging and repluging the hard drive.
  12. MAT0S0

    Cooler choice

    the nhu12s us 64€ and the DR4 is 71€ I just like the 2 brands and I'm looking for a cooler that will last me a long time for overclocking and close to silent operation Plus I think they both look good
  13. MAT0S0

    Cooler choice

    I'm buying my upgrade soon and can't pick between one of these 2 coolers. The dark rock 4 from be quiet and the nh-u12S from noctua Which one of these two should I choose for my ryzen 5 2600?
  14. My case supports a max radiator size of 240mm and the max height for air coolers needs to be under 150mm so, literally everything that is smaller of the cryorig h7 and is similar in size as the cryorig m9i / m9a Doesn't help that stores in my countries have limited item's for cooling so My options are limited to mostly brands that I've never heard of before, or very little of the known companies, and that most decent coolers are around 160mm in height, so smaller coolers aren't exactly something I can find easily
  15. Then why do 240 mm coolers even exist... If they aren't worth it.