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  1. Nvidia 500 series is from late 2010 so I guess a GTX590 would be beast for that. The 295 is crazy cool though.
  2. Look at the cooler? It's usually still the exact same card, most of the times even the exact same pcb.
  3. For £100 you could almost get 32gb 3200mhz, can you not?
  4. Does Intel even include coolers with their higher tier CPU anymore? I think they just stopped doing it because they are so bad. EDIT: Also, here's a thread for Video Suggestions:
  5. Anyone interested in a Key for the Outer Worlds on Epic Games?

    1. FloRolf


      Honestly ya know what, i have no idea what that game sells for on sales (currently like $60 on epic). but i'd trade it for a Far Cry 5 Key, which is $15 on Steam rn. Seems like a decent trade.

  6. huh, so actually none of that indicates any stuttering or issues. What are the GPU Clock speeds though? Maybe you can just take a screenshot of the graphs when running the game. Does it show any kinda of drops when the FPS Drops happen? Like a sudden very low CPU Usage or whatever? I was saying that modern Hardware is made to run hotter in Idle in order to keep the noise down.
  7. And this is exactly what i was talking about.... Please don't make multiple topics for the same thing. and rather try to tag people @blackviking03 to get them back in the game.
  8. That's not what a budget gamer is.... I mean, at this point in time nobody knows how CyberPunk will run. When it's released we might even have Nvidias 3000 Series, Intels thing and whatever AMD comes up with. I say wait and then buy.
  9. Can you try again in english and maybe with a couple more words?
  10. hey dude, welcome to the forums and all, please use either the quote function or tag people @Orginalen87 so they can see that you have replied.
  11. Maybe you got yourself ECC ram or something, which is not compatible with your System. Do you have pics of the two (OG and new) ram modules?
  12. Well maybe some of your memory is dead. One thing to note here though, is that your platform is dual channel, so running 3 Sticks isn't really ideal. Either 2 or 4 would be best. Does it boot normally with 2x4gb? (inserted in two same colored slots)
  13. I think what you are looking for is new storage. You didn't mention it so I'm guessing you run off of an old HDD? If you get a new SSD, like the 860 Evo, you'll have a way snappier feeling system. Then you can spend the rest of your budget on a more potent GPU, like a RX5500 or GTX1650S. Your CPU is not good but also not terrible.
  14. So what are you trying to do? Add the 1x4 to the 3x2 for a total of 10gb? What happens if you do whatever you are trying? Just bsod? Or no boot at all? Freezing?
  15. Ah, here we go again From those two I'd always get the Corsair, even if it was just for the support, which is very nice. Edit: explaination, I've had an original H100 in the past. Then a couple years later it died but wasn't available anymore, so Corsair just send me their highest End Unit as a replacement. I also had one of their PSUs that died and then again, they gave me a top notch new one basically without asking questions.
  16. Is this a private network? o.o Well then there's your problem, lol. Have you tried rebooting first? If you did, maybe try removing the other NICs driver first (probably some Intel thingy?) and then install the 10g one again. I'm not sure if DDU can do ethernet drives or only graphics drivers removal, so you might have to do it manually
  17. This. And secondly don't expect any difference if the rest of your network is only 1gbit.
  18. That's usually not a good approach. If you make a topic and then stop responding people will also stop caring about your problem. I mean, you at least told us you were going to sleep but some people just disappear and then expect a solved topic when they wake up.
  19. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  20. No not really. Usually if you click the "delete all associated files" button it deletes everything. But even then, that's only a couple megabytes max.
  21. What kind of files are you talking about here?
  22. I just saw some dude in his mid 50s first dab and then, God forbid, do the floss. A little later he even played air guitar. 


    It was just like in the memes. I witnessed it all. 

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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      Alzheimer's & bipolar paranoia symptoms aren't a joke.

    3. greenmax


      I saw a guy floss his teeth on the commuter train yesterday. I believe they were headed out for MORE drinks.

    4. greenmax


      Oh and I must say, I do see the plastic tooth flossers on the ground ALOT

  23. Tbh we'll only know for sure when Nvidia actually releases them. I'm currently in a similar position with my GTX1050Ti but I don't really mind even waiting another year. If your gaming experience sucks right now and you really need the upgrade then buy now. If you can hold a couple months longer comfortably, I'd say wait.
  24. There are a lot of manufacturers that actually ship the case with noise insulation installed. That's pretty much what you want but properly done.
  25. It may sound weird but trust me, try it. Mc Donald's French fries with soft ice cream. Like literally, take the fries and dip them through the ice cream. I r8 8/8 m8.