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  1. Just like quite a few people here, I also got sold a VPM. I got hotspotshield a couple years ago and it was literal shit. Other than that I don't think I've ever bought something just because of him. Ofc I love to watch reviews of stuff but I usually either decide before that I need this exact thing or I watch the videos to get the best of the things available (Graphics cards come into mind).
  2. FloRolf

    how to wreck your parrents tv?

    Why do you have to destroy their PC in order to get them a new TV?
  3. FloRolf

    Show off your latest purchase!

    *Counts roughly 25 mice*
  4. FloRolf

    Show off your latest purchase!

    yeeeeeee, IT'S HERE! Don't worry though, i didn't buy all of them...
  5. FloRolf

    Motherboard Tier List

    I honestly don't Really see the point of this list. For me it basically says, expensive boards are expensive and cheap boards are cheap. The thing I wanna know is, is the expensive board really good quality or is it actually shit?
  6. My new years resolution at work was to immediately sort new emails as soon as I receive them/worked on them. 

    Went pretty good for the first couple weeks but now I'm back to over 300 unsorted and quite a few unread. Fml. 

  7. Lmao, u mad Bro. I use the snipping tool daily and I've never experienced this.
  8. FloRolf

    Does brand matter?

    I'd go exactly the other way around tbh. All coolers nowadays are pretty good and OC is also kinda similar. However warranty and support varies quite a bit, which is a brand thing.
  9. FloRolf

    1070 for 144hz

    Damn ninjas...
  10. FloRolf

    1070 for 144hz

    Do NOT go for sli. As for the fps, just look at benchmarks of the GTX1070 in those games. You'll probably not see 144 but anything over 60 will give you an improvement already. I'd look out for a gsync or freesync monitor though
  11. FloRolf

    Slow internet in new pc

    Holy shit and I thought my internet was slow. You should remove the Lan drivers and reinstall the (latest) ones from the motherboard manufacturers website. See if that helps. Can you measure your ethernet speeds to see if your home network is also this slow? (should be gigabit)
  12. FloRolf

    Best hifi headphone for gaming?

    I guess Stax SR-009 would be decent enough for gaming. /s
  13. FloRolf

    I Hope We Don't Get a Noise Complaint...

    Klipsch Master Race!
  14. Second time in the gym this year. 

    Me: I feel like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson right now! 

    GF: lmao, you don't look anything like him! 

    Me: Just imagine I was bald. 

    GF: Yeah, now I see it... 


    1. FloRolf


      Actually me:


  15. FloRolf

    Latest Videos showing old videos

    Yeah lol, those definitely aren't the latest videos. I have the Same listed tho.
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    2. FloRolf


      @manikyath at the bottom of my most recent email from them it says *unsubscribe* so I guess it's quite easy.

      Stay subbed tho for more free games and shit. Humble is dope. 

    3. manikyath


      @FloRolf i got the first grid for free a few years ago, played it a total of 25 minutes. the value of the game is irrelevant if it offers no return.

    4. FloRolf


      @manikyath but you down know how much it returns without trying! Worst that can happen is you only play it for 25min so I guess for 0€ that's a good thing. Maybe you like it and play 25h, who knows. 

  16. FloRolf

    Tesla Unveils Model Y

    Calling Model M and Model F next.
  17. @DildorTheDecent was right, Captain Marvel is pretty good.


    The only thing i don't really like is how OP she becomes. On the other hand however, Team Avengers need some dope shit to defeat Thanos. 


    A potential Avengers Reboot after Endgame is hopefully more down to earth again. 

    1. TVwazhere


      Well apparently stat wise she is one of the most OP characters in the whole series. Not the best at any single stat, but she is the most well rounded in the marvel universe [disclaimer, i have not read the comics so 100% of my knowledge comes form the movies, articles online and friends. I have never read a marvel comic]

    2. VegetableStu



  18. FloRolf

    What's your favorite GPU that you've owned?

    I think my GTX570 Phantom. It had a pretty sick cooler design and I feel like it ran the games (and resolution, lol) at the time better than my gtx1080 does today.
  19. FloRolf

    Hifiman HE400i or Fostex T60RP

    Can't speak for the Fostex but the Hifiman are my favorite headphones actually. I bought them a while back for over 400€ and at $230 they are a steal imo.
  20. FINALLY got around watching Deadpool 2!

    Now I'm not sure what my favorite Marvel movies are, Deadpool or GotG. 


    If you haven't seen it already, go watch it! Until the VERY end and take the super duper cut. 4k is also nice, lol. 

  21. Okay I need help here quickly! 

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro is currently on sale for 'just' 679€ including a small printer worth 150€. Don't really care about the printer but it's nice to have. 


    Should I get it? 



    Currently on a OP3T which has it's ups and downs but is generally a good device. I would probably pass it down to my mom. 

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    2. Pasi123


      I wouldn't pay that much for a phone that doesn't have a headphone jack or microsd card lot. It does have Huawei's NM (nano memory) card slot

    3. FloRolf


      @Techstorm970 Germans don't have any problems with Huawei, unlike the US Government...


      @Lukyp nah I never root my devices. Why do you think they are overpriced? All phones are overpriced imo but the Mate 20 Pro is an excellent device.


      @Pasi123 it ships with an adapter :P I have Bluetooth headphones anyways and 128gb storage is more than enough. A 128gb Nano card is like 50€ extra if I ever feel the need. 

  22. FloRolf

    Samsung QVO SSD Technology Questions

    What do you mean by "it's tolerance"? It's more capacity for a cheaper price basically. And it's not as good as the evo or pro series.
  23. Logitech MX518 Legendary still got me like:





    What should i do?

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    2. TVwazhere


      Am I the only one that looks at the MX518 and thinks to them self "That doesnt look like anything super special"  I dont get the hype. 

    3. FloRolf


      @TVwazhere I've been using the original one for over 10 years now and it's the best mouse I've ever used. It really is super special :P


    4. manikyath




      wait for the reviews, it WILL be a disappointment if you preorder it for the sake of the name.