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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600
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    16GB HyperX Predator RGB
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    ASUS Zenbook Flip X360UA

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  1. Thanks, having something that plugs into a usb port is something i have looked into before however my laptop only has 2 usb 3.0 ports and a type c port, so i would prefer a card that would replace the one inside the laptop, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Intel-Wireless-N-Bluetooth-Internal-300Mbit/dp/B00N7474CS/ref=sr_1_1?rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1491590283&sr=8-1&keywords=laptop+wifi+card thats one i am looking into, but i'm not sure if it will be compatible with my laptop.
  2. Last year i got an ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360UA for Christmas, for my studies doing both A Level Photography and BTEC L3 Media. I love this laptop but the WiFi is awful, we pay for 152Mbps internet at home, which over ethernet i get between 160 - 180, however over WiFi i only get around 50Mbps max, with my friend getting around 70Mbps at my house (the walls in my house are thick). I'm fine with this but would like more. At school is the worst in some places i barely get internet with my mate getting highs of 10Mbps, and in the best places i get around 50Mbps with again my mate getting 70Mbps. I was wondering what would be the best WiFi card to replace the stock one with as i am tired of getting awful internet both at home and especially at school, or if there was anything i could do to improve speeds.
  3. 1080 / 1080ti if he can stretch for the price, but i suggest the 1060, over dual rx 480, the 1060 should preform fine under most games unless he wants 4k gaming at high fps
  4. This is a question i have also asked myself sometimes and i decided on the 1060, even though the rx480 is good for the price.
  5. Personally i am a fan of the ASUS STRIX cards, especially if you have a motherboard that supports asus aura, this would be my choice.
  6. I'm not sure at the moment as i only run android 6.0, but i will look into this
  7. AdAway is a must have, it changes your hosts file to block ads. I also suggest installing xposed module, so you can use two xposed ad-ons which i think are must have, YouTube AdAway (AdAway doesn't block YouTube Ads) and YouTube background player, so you can play music from YouTube, with no ads and the ability to exit the app while your music continues. Another helpful app for root can be Greenify, however with xposed module installed it is a much better app. Xposed Installer YouTube AdAway AdAway YouTube Background Playback (Currently No Link)