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  1. after about 14 months of ownership 29 leds have gone out and corsair has told me no every time. Browns w/bue leds Yes i did just post in a 2yr old thread
  2. MogIsWinning

    OMG the Phantecks Enthoo Mini Xl

    Too bad it not just another mid tower
  3. MogIsWinning

    I found Barnacules Nerdgasm's adress

    Send him a pair of socks
  4. MogIsWinning

    Cannot Decide Which Mechanical Keyboard to Buy

    Don't buy a k70 I've had more then 10leds burn out and corsair doesn't give a Damn about it
  5. MogIsWinning

    Best Cooler?

    swift tech H320, I think that exsist
  6. MogIsWinning

    where my fellow ltt pals shop for clothes?

    Pacsun, hot topic and the internet
  7. MogIsWinning

    Post your Good Ghetto mods

    I once used my one max with one hand above my head in bed. I could've cracked my skull
  8. MogIsWinning

    Your best tips to make builds quiet?

    A cooler that's way to big for your gpu, my 660 has the same cooler a 680 has. Don't over clock so you can keep heat down
  9. MogIsWinning

    Crossfire vs single nvidia card

    2x r9 280x will perform much better, but won't be as easy to upgrade
  10. MogIsWinning

    Psu Cover mod

    Cable mangment could be better w/ sleeved cables or not
  11. We should all probably just ignore this guy
  12. MogIsWinning

    600€ Gaming PC

    Unless he's changed his title "600€" "gaming" and seeing as it's in euros probably in Europe
  13. MogIsWinning

    GTX 750 Ti for 1280X1024 gaming?

    I'd go with a 660 instead so you get a bit more performance, as long as size isn't an issue
  14. MogIsWinning

    1st case mod showcases

    Has to be a jdm sticker bro
  15. MogIsWinning

    Painting heatpipe caps on a Dark Rock 3?

    White plastic dip looks bad imo, unless you wanna buy some glossifier for it. I just think matte white is ugly
  16. MogIsWinning

    Motherboard heatsink painting tips?

    Plastidip is thicker then normal paint thus making it worse for releasing heat for a heat sink
  17. Can some one give me some info on why people don't buy Xeon e3 1230v3's? Seems like a great alternative I7 4790 but cheaper then a I5 4690. I've seen them for 150$ on eBay.
  18. MogIsWinning

    4 cores 8 threads sub for $200?

    They are 180-200$ brand new on eBay, lowest I've seen for a 4670k is 230$
  19. MogIsWinning

    4 cores 8 threads sub for $200?

    Not even close, Xeon is about 40$ less then I5 4670k
  20. Every led has gone out except one in my k70 and corsair won't replace it. Took about 6months for all of them
  21. MogIsWinning

    4 cores 8 threads sub for $200?

    Point at hand is Xeon e3-1230v3 vs an unlocked I5.
  22. MogIsWinning

    4 cores 8 threads sub for $200?

    That's a similar oc as to what you can get on the Xeon Explain how it's saving a few bucks buying a more expensive chip?
  23. MogIsWinning

    4 cores 8 threads sub for $200?

    They care both cheaper so it a still a fair comparison of price so I don't understand you point
  24. MogIsWinning

    4 cores 8 threads sub for $200?

    I5-4670k on eBay 220$ xeon e3-1230v3 180$ those are buy it now prices not auctions