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  1. That's the conclusion I ended up coming to, a friend let me borrow a RX580 he had laying around and everything works flawlessly. I guess NVIDIA agrees because they accepted my RMA claim today. Want to thank those that offered suggestions!
  2. Have tried all of the things above already. Currently exploring NVIDIAs warranty process. I am convinced something is wrong with the card, it is one of the launch day FE cards from last year.
  3. Not that I would be aware of, this is a FE version of the card. I have disabled the card through device manager and get video pass through from the card with no issues, which confuses me even further.
  4. Hey all, Built my system 1 roughly 1 year ago, Specs: ASUS Strix 370E-Gaming I7-8700K OC to 5.15Ghz 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB pro, 3600 clock XMP 2x 1TB Evo 960s in raid 0 2080Ti Windows 1909. About 6 hours ago today I was just using my PC as normal OW on one screen and a stream open on the other when my computer DSOD on an IRQL not less than or equal error. NBD I have had this happen a few times as this was common when the 2080ti first launched and it had been about 2 months since the last time it occurred. however after this most recent instance of the crash I no longer get video out of the graphics card. I go through my POST make it to the windows loading splash screen and then both my displays report "No signal detected" I have tried may things in the last 6 hours, I booted into safemode to download the latest driver from NVIDIA and installed it, weird thing was that GeForce Experience did not recognize that I had just installed the driver it presented as if it needed to install again. After trying some other things including DDU again I reinstalled windows. After I clean installed I started the updating process, and installed 1703. Windows auto installed an old nvidia driver, and BOOM I had two outputs through my GPU on my desk top. I went to continue to updated windows to 1709 and after a while got back to the sign in page with both monitors still, then, my primary display just turned grey for a while and then both monitors reported no inputs again..... I updated the graphics card driver to the latest and it was reported as installed under device manager but again GeForce Experience did not recognize it as installed.... I then continued to update windows in hopes something would write whatever has happened and got to 1909 which is current. I got to my desk top for about 10 seconds with both displays before both screens died and reported no inputs again. I am done trying for the day and will clean install windows again tomorrow as that lead to the most promise and skip 1709 withe the unified updated patch tool, to see if that solves anything. the only other thought i have would be the BIOS on the GPU got corrupted, in which, that is beyond my depth of PC knowledge. If anyone has any ideas I am more than open to hear them. thanks for your help in advance. tl:dr No display after POST from GPU, currently suspect windows 1709 as the problem. tried about everything I can think of. potential solutions becoming out of my depth.