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  1. Cuddlez

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Just found this, I don't know what they're saying but, wow. Red Velvet - Bad Boy
  2. Cuddlez

    Best Wireless Charger

    Maybe this will help?
  3. Cuddlez

    Android 7.0 internal storage bug

    Have you tried it on Android 6.0 marshmallow?
  4. Cuddlez

    Request - USB battery packs

    Anker PowerCore 20000: 20,000mAh 2x Usb ports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 LED battery indicator *there is another version, Anker PowerCore Speed 20,000mAh where it includes Power IQ (some anker technology that claims to identify devices to give better charge)
  5. Cuddlez

    Need help with Gboard

    So you're saying when you press the switch button, it switches from language 1 and language 2-3?
  6. Cuddlez

    Huawei p10

    I like the P10. I have the P10. I just got an update and there are more data clouds The Kirin 960 is solid and can run most apps, butter. Fingerprint sensor is extremely quick, dual camera is decent, software (EMUI) is not for everyone, but then again, there is always Nova Launcher.
  7. Cuddlez

    New Phone

  8. Cuddlez

    apply Dbrand skins

    Get a hair dryer
  9. Cuddlez

    Need a new phone

    Oneplus 5!
  10. Are you looking for anything specific? Tempered glass screen protector or just plastic? To be honest, I just use like cheap plastic ebay ones that I buy in bulk and they fit fine and have a decent lifespan.
  11. Cuddlez

    LG V20 Vs Galaxy S8

    S8 . The V20 is an older phone and now that the V30 is out, I feel as if you're better off going with the newer one than the older one. The S8 has a nice design and high-end specs, a good all-rounder. If you still want the V20 then go ahead if you want, prices are low since it's been out for some time.
  12. Cuddlez

    Do you use a phone case? Why/Why Not?

    I used to put cases on my phones, but now I just use a skin on the back and screen protector on the front. This is because (1) Looks way better than a bulky case (even the slimmer ones add a little bulk), (2) Doesn't take away from the phone's design, (3) Most of the time cheaper than a good quality case. Sure, a case most likely will do a better job at minimising scratches, dents and other stuff that might damage your phone. Personally, I sacrifice this reassurance and get a grippy dbrand skin on the back to protect from micro-scratchs and a screen protector on the front because my phone doesn't have an oleophobic coating on the screen. Plus, I'd like to think I take good care of my phone . Just don't drop it.
  13. Cuddlez

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Courtship - Sunroof
  14. Cuddlez

    iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X?

    Despite the iPhone X coming out, I personally would get the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 Plus has all the high end specs that the iPhone X has, minus the minimal bezels. It has wireless charging and looks very stylish ! Although you said that price wasn't an issue, I don't feel as if the iPhone X is worth the money. Sure it is apple's new flagship and has these cool functions, but I think the 8 Plus is more than enough!
  15. Cuddlez

    Note 8 or Mate 10?

    Huawei Mate 10!!!