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  1. Is there no FPS cap? I notice that in the pic those are the advanced settings, so go back and check for that ig.
  2. Check for V-Sync in settings, set it to not wait for or disable it.
  3. Just remember that very few cards will generally run at the exact same settings, as someone who gets 1350 with no extra voltage could, for example, only be achieved by someone else's card if extra voltage was applied. Just because someone hit that doesn't mean you will.
  4. for a short time, your gpu can handle that temp, just set ab to open on windows startup and dont be a dumbass (your gpu would throttle down to all hell before it got damaged)
  5. I worked on it for 3 months straight on my main computer, couldn't use it much during that time cause it took pretty much all of the power my computer had. Got up to like 25.1mil or something, you?
  6. At least in PUBG, for me, I was having a lot of issues after reinstalling Afterburner. Basically, RivaTuner monitors your framerate among other statistics while in game. By turning on silent mode, the program is basically turned off.
  7. If you have MSI Afterburner installed, look for RivaTuner and put it in silent mode. You may or may not have it, depending on what you installed with MSI AB, but if you did, there should be a little blue screen icon, which is RivaTuner. Click on it and there should be a "Silent Mode" slider.
  8. Don't get a sound card. Get a DAC/AMP if you really need to.
  9. Probably a background task spiking while you're in game, try checking task manager for any outstanding issues
  10. No problem! I generally have mine deadset for music 99% of the time. (Preamp: -6.5 dB Include: example.txt GraphicEQ: 20 2.75; 25 2.5; 31.5 2; 40 2; 50 1.95; 63 2; 80 2; 100 2.1; 125 1.9; 160 1.65; 200 1.5; 250 1.15; 315 0.8; 400 0.5; 500 0.55; 630 0.6; 800 0.65; 1000 1; 1250 0.75; 1600 0.65; 2000 0.38; 2500 0.1; 3150 -0.07; 4000 -0.25; 5000 -0.62; 6300 -1; 8000 -2; 10000 -2.5; 12500 -3; 16000 -3.25; 20000 -3.65) That's what's in for me right now, as I listen to a lot of music that is heavier on the bass side of things, but I set my preamp lower to reduce distortion in the headset for high frequencies. However, you can always raise the preamp to get more total volume out. Everybody's tastes are different, so find what works for you. I personally love the sound signature of these headphones, even if I have to boost the bass a little
  11. Don't use the realtek audio manager for equalizer settings. "Treble" and "bass" are the most vague terms in audio enhancement. https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/11/1696040635911128308/ This should help a lot if you take your time adjusting the settings, creating the preset which works for you best. Explosions will be on the lower end, probably around 60-100 Hz, and gunshots will probably be from 3-5 kHz, at least based on my experience. So I recommend medium-ish settings in the 20-60Hz range, maybe with a slight boost of 1-2, a higher boost from 60-150Hz of 3-4.5, from 300-2 kHz I wouldn't really edit anything, and boost 2-5 kHz by somwhere between 2-4 ticks, and leave the rest above, maybe with a slight reduction above 15 kHz of 0-1.5. (BTW don't use the settings he stated in the post, that's for music)
  12. AIDA64 stresses your CPU to levels that wouldn't ever be seen in the real world. I would say take that temp you get after an hour and subtract 5.