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  1. after 3 months of usage and Still having good temps? Rly?
  2. Since yesterday. Should I send it to warranty? Thanks in advance
  3. I think he was meaning Unreal Engine. Sorry for small misunderstandings english is not our first language.
  4. For me is absolutely barbaric, but here's my roommate statement: "Actually, if u r using workstation kind of a laptop it is not causing to me any problems, it has enough power to have Ps, Ai, Maya, Unreal, browser opened and it still even works taking almost all ram. I'm level designer so i don't need long big renders ( everything mostly in real time ) but it is enough power to make some good AAA level weak point is CPU, everything else ifs fine for me ( i7-4940MX, 32 Gb RAM, Quadro 5100M ). For some bigger stuff i think better to buy server "
  5. We're students still and freelancers, so that why ouer workspace might not look "workspacy". As I own normal pc, both of my flatmates are using dell precision m6800, so when it comes to expanding their network capabilities the only option is probably ExpressCard. I was also thinking is it possible to establish quick look at someones screen or maybe share power for e.g. for rendering. By "designo" i meant we're mostly do 3d stuff (modeling, building scenes, environment for games etc.) in maya, but when it comes to it and rendering there is probably nothing we can do on system side, but maybe I'm wrong. (but still i think it depends mostly on render engine that is used)
  6. Hey Guys, Me and my flatmates doing some graphics designo and we decided to establish as best workflow for us as it possible (we're also runing weekend operating full time LANparty hardcore gaming). I was thinking maybe some of you guys have some tips on enhencing connection between computers. Right now we've established workgroup, and shared drives with each other. Is there any thing that comes to your mind guys and could do something more? We don't have any server for now, but we thinking about buying one. BTW. Here's a photo of ouer "facilo" druing weekend lanparty, hope you like it!