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  1. So I just got an email from Google, informing me that last NOVEMBER, when I requested to download my data, they accidentally sent some of my google photos videos to complete strangers who also requested to download their data. I've seen this get some coverage, but not nearly as much as I think it deserves. I've attached a screenshot of the email below.
  2. 1080p at 60hz atm but looking to upgrade to 144hz Thanks for the help everyone else as well btw
  3. Pretty simple. Will a RTX 2070 be bottlenecked by my i5 4460? If so is the (non existent) 2060 a better option since it's rumored that it's about the performance of a 1080?
  4. -_-... Specs: CPU: i5-4460 GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 960 2GB Single Fan @ 1403MHz RAM: Kingston 2x8GB 1600MHz Score: 3.5 Capable