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  1. did you mean accept? it goes up to 3466 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/4D7v6h/msi-x470-gaming-plus-atx-am4-motherboard-x470-gaming-plus
  2. so everything is offset or it just doesnt do orange/blue?
  3. try router firmware update? reset factory? contact netgear?
  4. i mean... in all honesty... it really is just the OS aside from a few minor things like a wide camera, biometric security, design etc.
  5. doesnt LTT have a sponsor that does something like this? Edit: its called pulseway
  6. get ATLEAST sticks of memory and use dual channel. this will MASSIVELY improve gpu performance. for the mobo, anything b450, x470 or x570 is fine. x570 is overkill and b450 is the cheapest
  7. what are you talking about? we need a picture or SOMETHING. we cannot read your mind
  8. yes. never use stock router/modem combo if you dont have to.
  9. x470 will work too. x570 vs x470 is basically the same except pcie4.
  10. does it work if you set the ram at 3000mhz? what about 2666?
  11. have you tried safe mode? backup your computer too
  12. oh this is for college? then no, get full windows. for highschool chromebooks are fine, but in college (depending on the major), you will probably need desktop apps