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  • Birthday March 13

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    1060 mobile
  • Case
    Lenovo Y7000
  • Storage
    256 pm981 + 1tb 7200rpm
  • Display(s)
    1080p 60Hz IPS generic
  • Cooling
    laptop fans x2
  • Mouse
    sensei 310
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    integrated speakers
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. Saksham

    Upgrade CPU or GPU first?

    gpu for sure
  2. cheaper alternative to wacom mobilestudio pro 13. i want sometihng that does the same thing/similar idea but for under US$300. basically a touchscreen tablet but only takes pen input or normal hand if there is a switch
  3. they are definitely out there, but idk where or how safe they are.
  4. Saksham

    frame cap vs vsync

    frame cap it is
  5. Saksham

    frame cap vs vsync

    i have a laptop but it runs a little loud. so, i have enabled whispermode (nvidia) to 60fps for rainbow 6 seige. but, what would be better? enabling v sync (monitor refresh rate is 60) or setting a cap through nvidia control panel
  6. Saksham

    GTX 1050ti vs GTX 1060?

    what cpu do you have?
  7. Saksham

    GTX 1050ti vs GTX 1060?

    thermal paste degradation, warranty, fan bearing lubrications, heat cycles in the vrm/mosfet can degrade quality, heat cycles can also warp the PCB
  8. Saksham

    GTX 1050ti vs GTX 1060?

    its a good deal, but it would not last you as long. but thats your choice to make.
  9. Saksham

    GTX 1050ti vs GTX 1060?

    if you want to keep the same gpu for 5+ years, go with 1060 (6gb). if you want to keep it for 6+ years, get the 1070. ^^^ my speculation on how long they will last. but, the 1070 has higher upfront cost.
  10. Saksham

    GTX 1050ti vs GTX 1060?

    1070 is *much* better than 1060. 1060 is better than 1050ti. but, what is the monitor resolution and what type of games are you trying to play? also, what cpu do you have? is this for a desktop or laptop?
  11. Saksham

    I need help with my new PC!!

    first, what do you mean by no boot? no windows or cannot get into bios? if you cannot get into bios with 2x, try put both in the mobo (even though it will not work) and let it boot cycle a few times. (sometimes it can train the ram and work after about 5 cycles). if it still wint work, try memory in all slots. if you have 4 slots, try all 9+ combinations.
  12. i think that any port *should* be fine
  13. check the manual. what does Ad mean?
  14. Saksham

    Windows 10 home 64-bit won't boot up

    does it get to loading logo?
  15. Saksham

    stylus only

    what i basically wanted was a graphics monitor but has a computer built in. the ipad is too expensive for me anyway