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    Portland, OR
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    Programming, Speedrunning, and Glitching every game that's ever existed.
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    I am IAMPROJECT, a 17 y/o (I know, I'm so young XP) from Portland, OR. Currently going to school and working part-time at Taco Bell. (No, I can't send you free Tacos.) I love learning about computers as well as gaming a little. I have an interest in programming and speedrunning as hobbies. DM me if you have questions, etc.
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    Cashier at Taco Bell

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  1. Hey everyone. So, I recently built my first PC and got it up and running (yay). What my next project is, is to wall mount this PC, except the only issue is, I'm going to college soon. Why this is an issue is that I won't be able to stick holes in the walls of my dorm, so I need a hole-less way of mounting my PC if I decide to go this route (which I personally want to because it would look sick in my dorm). I've looked into 3m adhesives and TV wall mounts, but, can't seem to find much. What do you guys got for me? Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, I've been searching the web about what the safest GPU temps are, and have gotten a wide variety of answers, with some people saying that they wouldn't trust above 70 degrees C, to 80-90 is fine, can I get a definitive answer please? Thanks.
  3. Just got a brand new gaming PC, and wondering what newer games I should buy to get started (old games fine too). Planning on getting doom, fallout 4 and prey (huge Bethesda fan). What do y'all suggest?
  4. Hey everybody! So, I'm looking for help/suggestions/constructive advice on my first "gaming pc" (I've been using my now 3 year old dell XPS laptop with a gt 640m to game for forever basically) I went to PCPartPicker and chosen some good budget parts as I am looking to just be able to play modern AAA games at 1080p while keeping myself slightly future-proofed. Streaming on this PC would be NICE but not a necessity as well (trying to keep budget less than $800). Right now the build is at around $700, so I have room to work with. Also, suggestions for a nice gaming keyboard on a budget are much appreciated, I have an external mouse, and the monitor is included in the budget. Let me know what you all think, and please, be gracious, I have never parted out/built a computer myself before. Thanks! https://pcpartpicker.com/list/G7fptJ
  5. Hey, so I'm wondering if the Ryzen 5 1400 would pair with the Geforce GTX 1060 nicely. Will the system support this cross-company* (is this a thing?) compatibility wise? And will the CPU be a bottleneck for the graphics card? Also, would this system be ok for streaming and light content creation? If not, what CPU is recommended? I know it's a lot of questions all in one post but I have a lot of concerns. Thanks ;P
  6. When is Taran hosting a new video? His personal YouTube videos are golden I wanna see more of him!
  7. Yeah I kind of thought that as he was showing the flat-lined graph in that we didn't have proof that ads weren't playing at that time when the video was screenshotted.
  8. I don't know, maybe they were asked to take the video down for some copyright thing, who knows at this point.
  9. Hey guys, as a subscriber to H3H3, I checked my subscriptions box after watching the video, and it's GONE. Whether this was a result of WSJ not liking it or if Ethan took it down for some unknown reason, the video is nevertheless GONE.
  10. I personally would prefer the numpad on the Pro L, but if you couldn't give less of a care about it, I think the Pro S is perfect.
  11. Of course it'll feel that way, especially with the 1080 TI just coming out, but your pc is definitely a good one. Especially with that value GTX 1070, you can't go too wrong for the price to performance in this rig.
  12. No, it is not LTT official channel, but it is affiliated with it (aka one of their sub-channels you could say) so, I am ruling it valid.
  13. If the winner would like to post they can. But I will not say what exactly.
  14. Also, if the winner would like to post what they received here, I think that everyone would have a good laugh.
  15. Aaaaaand this giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Cyborgsmith for completing the task and winning the giveaway! I DO have more games to give away, but will not be doing them today, but do look out in the near future. Good job to everyone here, and game on.