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  1. acer laptop with this specs Intel i3 5005u NVidia GeForce 920m ddr3l 4 gb ram looks good, but in reality pain in the butt to work with 3d modeling...
  2. Hi, it souhld be enough but use outervision psu wattage calculator to see if it is enough for your setup https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator
  3. I made some research and it confuses me more I looked every where and only thing that I foud is about xeon i7 and quodro firepro gpu, I want a small form factor case because it is easy to move around when I want it to and it need less space in my table then an atx case
  4. this list started me to hate turkey... a system like this can go upwards of 800 dollar
  5. thank you but ryzen can be a problem because I want an itx build because I just want it to be small and I won't care about upgrade like sli and thing like that and when it is the time I would just build a new rig
  6. I want it to be as small as possiable so I will go with an itx and I heard that raid0 is faster
  7. softwares im gonna use: Autodesk 3ds max Unity 3d Audocity Adobe Photoshop Solidworks(not for developing but for hobby) my budget is aroud 800 - 600
  8. Hello, like you know from the title I want to build a pc for game developing I am new to this and laptop that I have now is okay but slow, when only the 3ds max is open in idle it takes almost all the memory(4 gb) and some times lead to crash if im doing more than that(with more I mean listing to music while searching in the internet and taking notes with libre office). the system that I have in mind is: I5 7400 8GB of ram gtx 1050 and 2 128 ssd for raid 0 in an itx case problem is it's over my budget, and not only that but i'm a beginner in solidworks too. so my laptop can keep up with these well, what do you recommend for me while keeping the cost low and with a smooth experience
  9. It looks like you have a very tight budget so and is cheaper than Intel try to make a build with amd A8 7650K or if you are not going to play demanding games buy an pentium g4400 cpu (note: you need to change the motherboard to use an and cpu)
  10. How I can make my channel better and make it more popular?
  11. Hmmm.... Ok then it's can be a little good idea to make a new build list and use a and chip
  12. Ok you are good to go! But it's a good idea to add an Wd Blue 1Tb 7200rpm hdd for storage it's not too pricey
  13. Yeah and before building anything watch some pc build videos from people like Austin Evans, Linus tech tips, etc.