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    Gaming, Technology, Music, Film.


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    Intel i7-4930K
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    ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866MHz 32GB
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    2x EVGA GeForce GTX 980 SC
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    CaseLabs SMA8
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    HyperX Savage SSD 240GB + WD 2TB black + WD 4TB Green
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    EVGA SuperNova P2 1200W
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    Custom WaterCooling

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  1. Hi,This is probably a longshot but I'm looking for a replacement midplate for my SMA8. Anyone knows where I might be able to get one or if someone has like prints on them so I can order from a workshop?Thanks
  2. Kinda solved: right click on .exe file, properties, compatibility, check box for disable fullscreen optimisation Seems to fix the issue for select programs
  3. Hi, I recently bought the ASUS XG32VQR , a FreeSync 2 display, which should work with G-Sync. But I've run into an issue with G-Sync, it constantly stops working, and it's really hard to get it working again. I'm using NVIDIAs G-Sync Pendulum demo to verify if it's working or not. Example: I turn on the computer, start up steam, chrome and my usual apps, I try the G-Sync demo and it works. Then I start something else, it could be anything: another chrome window, spotify, uplay Star Citizen, whatever - it then stops working. I try turning G-Sync off and on again, 9/10 times it doesn't help... it could even stop working just by tabbing between different windows. Super frustrating... Anyone else run into a similar problem and know how to fix? I have the latest NVIDIA + monitor drivers... Thanks!
  4. Sorry to revive an old topic, but now that X299 has been released and we have some more information I feel like this is maybe relevant again. Based on what I've read on a few forums and from Linus's "rant"/video I don't feel like X299 is all that good? 7700K is still the best bet right? Thanks
  5. Still not sure that the VRMs get's that hot, since in the review the fans didn't speed up (even with a room temp of 27 C). I do like the Phanteks Glacier block, but there isn't a model for the EVGA FTW3, I could get a strix card but I don't wanna void the warranty by removing the stock cooler. And also, I have quite a large case and I personally think that it looks quite empty with just a single waterblock, hence why I would prefer the beefier look of the poseidon.
  6. From what I gathered on the review the fans don't spin until they hit a certain threshold, which they didn't when he tested. Which would probably mean that the VRM etc don't get hot enough to have the fans spinning.
  7. Yes the cost would be the same as a "normal" 1080Ti and the fans won't spin when being water cooled (unless I want them to), but that wasn't my point. The question was how much difference is there in cooling capacity (how many degrees difference) between the poseidon and a EK/Phanteks etc block. If the difference is low I prefer the look of the poseidon card compared to a "normal" block. That's why I'm asking =)
  8. Hello, I'm planning a rig upgrade and I've been eyeing the 1080Ti Poseidon for a while, mainly because it's just so damn beautiful and would look hella cool together with the Z270 Extreme or the new Rampage, but let us for now just keep personal preferences about looks etc away from the discussion. TinyTomLogan/OC3D just reviewed this card and in a 20 degree C room the card got 44 degrees C on water. My question is, what temps could I expect a stock 1080Ti strix to have with an EK or Phanteks block? If there isn't much difference I will probably opt for a Poseidon, PS I have a lot of radiators in my system. (if that would matter) Phanteks block EK block Thank you
  9. The most demanding thing is gaming. Occasional Rendering job. When I built this system I could get Ultra settings on pretty much everything, so I'd like to keep that going
  10. Thanks for the replies people, although I didn't really understand most of the discussion =P I have a 4930K at the moment but I have alot of issues with my current system and feels like a waste to spend money on it rather than upgrade it.
  11. I'm currently contemplating upgrading my system to a 1080Ti and new CPU+Mobo, my question though is whether Z270 with i7-7700K will become a bottleneck in let's say the next 2-3 years if my goal is max performance. Or if I should just wait for X299, whenever that'll be. Thanks
  12. I would love to get my hands on the " NEW Razer Blade 14", This would be perfect for me as a student with love for gaming, this way I won't have to wait 5 minutes for my current laptop to start and hopefully get more than 15 fps... Thank you LTT Team (and ChannelSuperFun) for all your great videos and work, they've really helped me make informed decisions regarding hardware and software purchases.
  13. I have like 3TB right now, but I'm going to be adding my parents media aswell and they have another 2-3TB. I plan on using 4 6TB WD RED drives in raid so I have 12TB of storage in the server. I don't know, if I read into it I could probably do it. I don't really have any other plans than just transferring the files as fast as possible between the server and computer(s). Like if I want to access a render from school or something. Or otherway around, upload school work to my server. I'm not sure what you mean with that. Does that mean that it wont be able to handle the videos as fast?
  14. What about a "HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Entry" CPU: G1610T RAM: 4GB DDR3 SDRAM - ECC https://www.dustinhome.se/product/5010890207/proliant-microserver-gen8-entry#specifications